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Day 02 completed … I’m SO SORE

This is me, post workout. Can you tell that I was trying not to cry? Shaun T does that to me!

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13 June, 2017 · 10:17 pm

Something New …

Little did I know when I woke up this morning, that today would be an amazing day.

Okay, that’s a lie. I knew I was going to be getting something new today. I just didn’t realize the stats of what I was going to get would be so much better than what I had planned, all because I had a lot of rewards points to use!
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3-7 Days

That’s how long my laptop will be in the shop. Mainly waiting on the shipping of a new plug-in jack/charging port for my laptop. It’s going to take $200 to fix it, but I think a lot of that price is because mine is right on my motherboard.

Yeah, we’ll be going back to HP after this laptop. I’ve had issues with my HP but ugh, this problem I’m having with the Toshiba is apparently a COMMON issue across ALL of their products. WTF?

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23 July, 2014 · 10:45 pm

Out With the Old …


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Out With The Old Word Art by Creations by Julie
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I plan on getting a new laptop in 2012. The current laptop, we got it in 2008. So, four years. It’s still running amazing, I’m just needing an upgrade. Windows 32-bit is just not cutting it. 250 gig hard drive doesn’t quite make out. Two gigs of RAM is killing me. I’m excited! We’re probably going to have to order a custom one, from either Dell or HP (probably HP), so that I don’t get stuck with an INTEL POS graphics card! Wish me luck!

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30 December, 2011 · 9:46 am