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I Got a New Face


I went from this …

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Week in the Life: Friday & Saturday

Adventuroo WIML fri 13 Friday was stressful, just because I had another sinus headache. It’s that time of year. I’m used to them. Untitled Fridays, I wake up and send the newsletter. I was up earlier than I was before, but it still felt like I could sleep for days! Continue reading

Thursday Thirteen: Thankful Edition


So Very Thankful

  1. I’m thankful for my amazing husband, Josh, whom I am not sure who I would be, or where I would be without him being part of my life.
    The Amused Father
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Happy With What I Have


I randomly do searches for insurance costs. I know I’m getting the best deal at State Farm, but sometimes, I look and see what places like Geico, Progressive, Wholesaleinsurance.net, etc. have. We currently pay around the same cost for our insurance as we do our cellphones. That’s with life, renters, 2 cars, a form of AAA and hospital coverage (if injured and need hospitalization, insurance will pay $100 a day). That’s not a bad deal, IMO. Others might want cheaper, but that’s for ABOVE the minimum requirement and $500 deductible-full-coverage on the truck (car’s so not worth it, Open-mouthed smile)

So, all in all, I need to stop looking and be happy with what I have.

In other news: Josh’s transfer was approved by the Topeka station. His PM in Lawrence just got back from Vacation Wednesday, I think, so might not be until next week when he knows a for sure date. BIG news: one transfer person is from INDY!! INDY!! Some of my home has traveled to Kansas!!

Going Another Route … possibly

Josh and I are considering buying empty property, and paying it off, then using it as equity to get a building loan. Then build the house we want, instead of settling! It’ll mean several more years in the apartment, but I think it would be worth it in the long run, because we’d have the house we want, the property we want, and all that goodness.

So many possible decisions, so many things to consider. At least I’m not having to ask what is life insurance? We already know the answer to that, and have that (plus identity protection for all of us on the renter’s insurance).

What would you do in our shoes? Would you buy the land and then do a building loan? Or buy a pre-built house and hope for the best?