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Welcome to January

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So, I completely failed on the daily blogging. At like day 3 or 4.

No excuses. I just didn’t feel like opening any device to upload a post.

Heck, I’m not even sure I want to do it right now.

My schedule at work is all up in the air after Saturday, and I’m not a fan of that. I’m also really not a fan of getting used to a schedule, and knowing that it’s going to be changed. Which is will be.

The rest of January should be pretty quiet. February is going to be the month of insanity!


I Stayed Home

Yeah, I didn’t go to the fireworks. I stayed home.
With Madi getting that sunburn and getting sick yesterday, I wasn’t risking her health any further.
And I have to work in the morning.
And I HATE crowds.

But I wore fun pants!

I got these from Fabletics! These ones are the print. I got them as an outfit with this tank (which the color is sold out!) but I love it. The quality is AMAZING!

Wonder if Mads Will Like This?


I did a little research into info on summer camps for teenagers. My father-in-law‘s girlfriend [I guess I call her that?]’s family has one in Minnesota, but I’m not sure how Madison would enjoy something like that. My mom has “threatened” to kidnap Madi for a few weeks, but honestly, I’m scared to see how she’d be when she came back, :lol:. Hello! I know ME!

I think, since she’ll only be ten this summer, that we have some time to wait and figure it out. We’ll see then, when she’s closer to actually being a teenager and all of that.

The Vlog Says It All

It’s August Already :O

Okay, freaking SERIOUSLY. Where the hell has the year gone? We’re starting 3/4 of the end … THE END … of the year Surprised smile Um WHAT? Kids go back to school in 16 days. I register them in 3. Surprised smile Wow. Now that it’s coming up this close, I’m a little sad Sad smile

I will say this. August is not coming in quietly. Expected high of 103F today. That’s not taking into account heat index. I don’t give a fig WHAT you say, heat index DOES count. Dry heat and wet heat are totally different. Still, 103, without heat index is f’ing hot! High tomorrow is supposed to be 106 Surprised smile Um, OUCH! I read an expected feels like high of 122 Surprised smile I’m hoping I misread something because that’s SCARY! I’m thinking it was 112, and my eyes screwed up, Laughing out loud. The high for Friday though? 89F. Yeah, I’ll be the dork outside in a sweatshirt going “holy crap, it’s cold!” Reminds me, I need to fill out the form so I can get me an Elmont sweatshirt. I’m going to get a tee and a sweatshirt, so I can wear them on field trips Open-mouthed smile

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