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Well, This Sucks

No, I’m not dropping out of NaNo or anything (considering it hasn’t started yet, as well). No, I’ve got THREE ideas to go with now!!

  1. DnD-related. Yes, based on my DnD character. I am pathetic, right?
  2. Contemporary romance. Yeah, I wanna try my hand at that!
  3. Continuation of the novel I did last year!

CRAP! I hate my life sometimes. No, I’m kidding. I love that I have an actual choice!!


I've done lost my damn mind …

Well, I read Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon and damn it, now I’m going to be creating my own world in which my story is going to take place on.

I’m thinking I’m gonna work on a “universe” and do it that way. I think that would just be awesome.

Kill me for taking all of this on now!