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This Week in Happy

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Boring. Cold. Life. But still happy! I’m a little too amused by this. “Authentic Weather” is the app and it’s hilarious sometimes!

Ink Me Baby

On Brownie Scraps, we were discussing Christmas lists. One of them included printer suggestions Open-mouthed smile. I don’t mean a receipt printer or anything, but actual printers. I pimped out my HP D110a that I got for $50 last year. I love this freaking printer. But, the best suggestion, in my opinion, that I could have given is to not just base the choice on what options the printer has, and how cheap it is. Look at the costs of the ink replacements. Mine are about $14-30, depending on which ones I’m buying. Black is cheap. I’ve replaced it twice. Maybe three times, max. Color? I go through it like it’s toilet paper. Actually, I think I go through ink faster. Why? Because I love to print hybrid projects. I also take a lot of pictures, and I like to print those out as well.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a new printer, make sure you check out the costs of the ink as well!

Ink Via the Mail

I ordered two things of HP 60 ink cartridges. Oh yes, I’m the dork who orders ink online. Walmart, in town, carries the HP 60, but usually with photo paper. I’m okay with having extra photo paper, but lately, I have way too much 😉 I don’t need that much photo paper, unless it’s in the 8.5×11 size (regular sized paper) so I can print more easily with it.

But, I’m having fun playing with ink and paper. Josh, I think, is like the upgrade to the printer now, because I’m buying the ink, and changing it. Without having to go “Uh, how do I do this?” First printer we’ve had in which I can do that!

Oh Fun

Cute Siblings

Just noticed, printing off a coupon, that the printer needs more ink. FUN! At least I’m not using phaser 8560 type ink. I love HP’s easy install of inks.

I have pictures I have to print, 😛 Aunt is probably wanting some. I know my parents would like some, though they have the ability to print, as long as Mom is logged into Flickr, of course 😉

I need more money

We got the new printer, and I love it, but man, I have to stop printing so much, 😆 That includes pictures, and anything that requires color printing. It’s not because it eats through it faster than normal or anything, but it sure does eat through ink. The old printer did it the same, and other printers would as well, considering I was printing at the highest max quality. I love me some pretty pictures.

Speaking of which, Josh and I found the PERFECT frames at Wal-Mart on Friday. It was poster sized, but matted for many different sizes of photos! I would have so much fun filling out something like that!!