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Ready … Steady … GOAL {Not So Much}



Not giving goals. Not creating goals.

Working on consistency.

Already broke that.

Didn’t do anything today, and rested yesterday.

Biggish blister on my foot. Makes walking harder.

Rested it so I could work today.

Gym tomorrow. Taking it a little easier, and NOT doing C25K with it, but will be doing the treadmill.

Then I will do some make-up workouts for 21 Day Fix.

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17 June, 2016 · 10:44 pm

This Sort of Hurts


Well that’s pretty wicked.
I had a cart fall over and in the process of trying to catch it,  it wacked me hard on the shins.
Both of them. They hurt when I walk but I will survive.

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12 June, 2015 · 9:31 pm

A Nice Day Off


Josh is on vacation this week. Lucky bastard and all that 😀 Today, I was finally off. I like my job, but damn, I was ready for a day to sleep in.

Not that THAT happened! We had to drop the truck off at the dealer because my battery gauge kept jumping around. It’s something we should watch but the part to fix alone is almost $600, and since it isn’t HURTING the truck while it’s in use, we don’t have to fix it. Same with the MAF sensor and the ABS brain 😆 Truck will be getting upgraded in a couple years, and according to Kelly Blue Book, is only worth a little over $4k, with a trade-in value barely over $2k 😆

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1 June, 2015 · 10:37 pm

Project 365: Week 02

008.365 [2014] - Migraine Killed All Inspiration
I ended up with a NASTY freaking migraine! Oh god, it was SO bad! I haven’t had one that bad since Ethan was about 2 years old!

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An Ode to Shoes


You are so cute
You are so fun
You make my life
Worth the Walk

But why must you
Give me the pain
The blisters bring
Make the pain go away

I love you shoes
You are so adorable
You make my legs
Look so long and lean

I love my shoes
And I’ll tolerate the pain
Because those shoes
Make my ass look good!


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