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Some MORE Layouts

Project 365

Project 365: Week 09

Template: Angelclaud
Papers: Project 2013 by Connie Prince

P52 Save the Date by Kathy Winters

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P365 Layouts … ALL CAUGHT UP!


Template: Creations by Julie
Scrap Your Life Mega
Bits of Fall
Scouting is Fun
Land of Learning
Brave Little Patient
This Is Why I Scrap

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The Days Add Up

So, for the past three days I’ve been battling a weather-related headache. We were in the 80s on Tuesday, and they’re talking snow on Saturday. Yeah, if you’re prone to weather-induced headaches, this is the time of year that will kill you!! Hell, I hate spring. See why my favorite season is FALL? Pollen counts are FALLING, and the weather changes still happen, but hell, easier to predict

So, I’ve been on and offline for the most part.

Update on the house: probably not getting that one.

  1. No A/C in the house. With Kansas hitting triple digits regularly in the summer, that’s a requirement.
  2. There were at least THREE different wiring styles in the house. So, we’d have to redo that.
  3. We’d have to buy a fridge immediately, and probably a stove.
  4. BIGGEST reason (for me): There was no wiring for the internet. Yeah, I, um, HAVE to have the internet. One thing? I do PayU2Blog and, yeah, that really requires the internet.
  5. Another biggie: two bathrooms and not one tub. There were only showers. Yeah, I need a bathtub sometimes

So, while I’m a little sad that the shopping hasn’t ended, I’m excited for the next step.

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The Nitty Gritty of Life

Lately, I’ve noticed, I’m VERY honest in my journaling. I’m loving being so honest with myself!

This was a challenge chat layout for Log Your Memory. I had to “incorporate something that relaxes, inspires or brings you luck” on the page. My family is my good luck charm!

Kit: Ellie Lash (Daily Download from the GS blog)
Template and date tag: Sweet Tomato

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CariCreates hosted a scrap and chat Friday evening. The theme of the scrap was “Serenity”. Showed off my goofiness with this layout

Kit: In a Mood by Connie Prince