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Food For Thought


I’m on the hunt for some really good steak recipes. I like steak. I don’t get it often because it’s almost stupid expensive, but I do truly love a good steak. When it’s cooked just perfect (I like mine medium rare, which just a small amount of blood … I got that from my dad, I do believe). The smell of good beef cooking in the air.

I’d rather be able to do it at home. That means more goody goodness for us. So much yummy goodness.

So, hit me up with them. PREFERABLY something I can do with a Foreman grill. I don’t have real access to an “actual” grill. 🙁

Play Me a Melody

Josh’s dad plays guitar. Sometimes. I never know what to get him for holidays. He’s hard to shop for. I wonder if he’d like Blackheart Amps, or something like that?

Hanging With Pappaw

I think it would make a good gift, if Josh and I seriously saved up. I think the kids would enjoy hearing their pappaw play music for them more often. Maybe he could join a band, too, and play at NALC union rallies or something. Might get more people to show up then.

No Idea

So, I created this so I could install JetPack on TM2TS, but I want to use it. I have NO idea what for. Seriously, NO clue.

I’m thinking, maybe, I can use this as a book review corner? God knows I read enough books. 😀 Maybe I’ll get some free books or something out of the deal 😀

If you wanna send me books, just let me know 😛 Just kidding 😀

Going Another Route … possibly

Josh and I are considering buying empty property, and paying it off, then using it as equity to get a building loan. Then build the house we want, instead of settling! It’ll mean several more years in the apartment, but I think it would be worth it in the long run, because we’d have the house we want, the property we want, and all that goodness.

So many possible decisions, so many things to consider. At least I’m not having to ask what is life insurance? We already know the answer to that, and have that (plus identity protection for all of us on the renter’s insurance).

What would you do in our shoes? Would you buy the land and then do a building loan? Or buy a pre-built house and hope for the best?

Books for Kids

No, I’m not going to be complaining, I swear. No, this is more of an idea of presents for the kiddos. Biggest idea I have for Madison is to go a little crazy at Barnes and Noble and buy her lots of books Winking smile. She likes to read. She needs to “up” her reading level. She’s reading too far below it, according to her teacher.

So, what suggestions would you suggest for a 2nd grader who can actually read Harry Potter and, for the most part, understand it?