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30 Days of Lists: Days 04-08

List 4 Favorite Tools
04: Tools I Create With

  1. Ziva the ‘Shiba
  2. Canon EOS Rebel XS 1000D
  3. HTC Inspire
  4. Photoshop Elements
  5. HP Photosmart D110
  6. Writing Utensils
  7. Whatever I can find

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Off She Goes

My baby girl did it! She went off the board THREE times! #soproud #swimming #swimlessons

Madi didn’t pass Level 3, but she got a glowing report. They didn’t think she was ready for Level 4 because she wasn’t confident enough. I’m okay with her re-taking it. Next summer.

Today is a very bad day. Hypoglycemia rears it’s ugly head again.

Headache – Check
Pounding heart (pulse) – check
Confusion – no check
Slurred speech – slight (enough for Josh to notice)
Trembling – check
Disorientation – check
Shaking hands or tremor – check
Poor concentration – check
Rapid heart rate (pulse) – check
Anxiety – check
Dizziness – check

I’m sick of this. I’m sick of it not being diagnosed, but knowing I have it.

They were like “Oh, your levels are a little low” when I was pregnant. What I’m feeling now? I dealt with 3 out of 7 days a week, for most of BOTH pregnancies. But no, it was nothing to worry about.

This isn’t right. This is screwed up, but they always say “it’s in your head” 🙁

Skin Issues

I’ve gotten lucky that I haven’t had to deal with eczema, like my mom has had to. I do get some weird rashes when I walk through tall grasses (which is why I’m looking into boots when I go to Indiana), but nothing like the crazy ones Mom gets. They can be pretty gross, :lol:. I’m not saying that to be mean. I’m just honest on that! They’re GROSS!!