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Family Trip: Some Pictures

This gallery contains 13 photos.

This is just some of the pictures! I took too many! Like over 1k :O Whoops!


She’s Mine, For Sure


She doesn’t always look like me. She has a lot of her father’s features.

I can tell she’s mine in the color of her eyes. They’re nearly identical to mine.

But how I can really tell is when she makes her goofy faces. That’s how you can tell.

She’s goofy and she’s crazy. She can be quiet and serious. Don’t try and talk if she’s reading.

That’s how I know she’s mine.


Continuing things …

April 02
Made with Pixlr Express. I personally really like how the “wonky” really looks wonky!
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P365: Week 11 & 12

071/365 [2014] - Delicious Ice Cream
Delicious yummy ice cream. I love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but most especially their cheesecake brownie!

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P365: Week 03

015.365 [2014] - Glorious Sunset
Sunset that I couldn’t resist capturing. I’m very proud of how it turned out!

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