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30 Days of Lists {Sept 27}

Playing with #repix and #phonto. Picture is from yesterday morning before the #homecoming parade for #seamanvikings

S14 List Header 27

  1. My husband
  2. My children
  3. Friends
  4. Family
  5. Working internet
  6. Money to pay the bills
  7. Reliable transportation
  8. Medical, dental, and vision insurances

Day 9, Friday: 5 things you love on a Friday.

  1. Hanging out with my husband.
  2. When my husband has actual Fridays off.
    298/365 [2013] - Friday Morning Wake-Up Call
  3. Sharing the amazing newness from Gingerscraps
    My #checklist for #gingerscraps #freshbaked #newsletter... Gotta keep those #numbers straight #FMSPhotoADay #pixlrexpress
  4. The fact that Saturday follows
    039/365 [2014] - Lounging Around
  5. and that means the chance to sort-of sleep in!
    321/365 [2013] - Sleep is NICE NOW!

Sunsets and Birthdays


Clouds come in
And the clouds leave

I love sunsets. They’re just beautiful and inspiring. Today’s sunset signifies the ending of a special day. My husband’s birthday is today. He’s 33. He’s so amazing. Continue reading


My happy Husband


Josh got retweeted by one of his idols. Yeah, I had to screencap and share, so that he never forgets. Not that I think he will.

The Official End of a Decade

They say a decade is from 0-10, so, if that is true, Josh has officially finished 3 decades in his life.


Today my amazing husband turned 31. At like 12:24am, he officially turned. With strep. Poor guy, but he felt better today, so we went out and did things Open-mouthed smile


I had to do my hair first. I’m using the hair-tie thing I got from Birchbox. It worked well. Held almost all day. Open-mouthed smile

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