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Nope, looks nothing like mommy

Nope, looks nothing like mommy

Madi’s class is working on a timeline project in class this week, so I had to go through and find pictures for her class.
So, we go through, hunting down back-up disks and photo disks. After I printed off the ones we wanted, I decided to upload a few to Flickr.
This one? One of my all-time favorites. Madi was about a year or so in this picture, which makes me about 22. Young hot thing then, right? All I can really say is that breastfeeding? Great for the complexion.
I also found a crazy amount of pictures of TiTi.
I think I have found my topic for tomorrow’s Thursday Thirteen, and plenty of blog fodder for the year to come.

I’m so bad

I’ve only written 104 words for my NaNo. Yes, I know, very bad person, very bad writer.
But, gah!
It’s not a block, it’s a … how do I keep the story going?
I can’t figure out why her father wanted him dead. I can’t figure out how to make it so that he’s moved in with her, permanently, or if they go house hunting, or what.

I don’t know what to do 🙁

Save me?