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My Week in Pictures

MONDAY: April 07, 2014

Josh was off. We’d planned to go to the AT&T store and at least SEE if I can get a new phone. They were STUPID busy at 10am, when they’d opened, so we went to the mall and walked around a few places, to wait an hour or so, to see if it gets any less busy (the AT&T store).

April 07

097/365 [2014] - Last Pic With Inspire
Little did I know when I took this picture that it would be my LAST with my old phone, the HTC Inspire. The bathrooms at the mall are pretty dang spiffy and nice! I even got lucky to get a FRESHLY CLEANED toilet. Still had the blue water and seat up!

A little info on the outfit:
Jeans are Jordache’s from 2000. I’m going to have to retire them, because one of the belt loops is nearly ripped off and they’re worn out in the inner thigh.
Jacket is from Old Navy that I got last year.
Shirt (not seen) is the “Go Vlog Yourself” design from the CTFxC and DFTBA 😀
My awesome bag is the Think Geek Handbag of Holding that I got for Christmas

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Project 365: Weeks 13 & 14

085/365 [2014] - Face Made Up
Just a selfie! 😀
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Weird City Names


I have no idea where that’s at, but … yeah, um, okay. I was actually in McLouth.

314/366 [2012] – Park Playing

314/366 [2012] - Park Playing by TM2TS
314/366 [2012] – Park Playing, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I let the kids play on the playground before school. They had a lot of fun. A LOT of fun.
I think I’m going to have to let them do that more often.

312/366 [2012] – Captured in the Light

312/366 [2012] - Captured in the Light by TM2TS
312/366 [2012] – Captured in the Light, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Madison, waiting for the bus. She looks so beautiful. I cannot get enough of her beautiful she is.