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Fires Burn Bright


Fire! Fire!

No, I’m not making fire, or losing my mind. Just checking out outdoor fireplaces from OutdoorFireplacePros.com for no real reason.

Seriously, I have no idea why I’m doing it, but I’m having fun.

I’m dreaming big, and wishing hard.

Eventually we’ll have a house, and a place to put an outdoor fireplace.

Then we can enjoy and just spend time with family.

But for now, I’m content, to be with the ones I love, in a warm (or cool) dry place.

Get Me Lost

When we were looking at houses, I started out getting lost, until I figured out my phone had turn by turn directions! I didn’t need no stinkin’ tom tom gps to get me there. Not there’s anything wrong with using one, but I can’t justify spending extra money on stuff like that. My phone has a data plan for a reason.

Josh is thinking data plans and things like that for his phone. He might be transferring to the Topeka stations (gas prices skyrocketing and all that, plus it opens our house hunting locations quite broadly by opening it to the OTHER side of Topeka, meaning Silver Lake, Rossville, etc.). Housing prices are much cheaper there, because it becomes more and more rural that way!

So, though we’re definitely on hold for house hunting, we can now maybe expand our horizons on that. It depends on if he can transfer or not. He has to do it NOW before they start freezing things. They’ve already started some freezing’s, and we’re not risking him being stuck in an area that thinks 9 hour routes are not long enough and where a chunk of the carriers are runners. Also, management there just seems to be a bunch of maroons, and their district dude? Total and complete and total asshole.

Going Another Route … possibly

Josh and I are considering buying empty property, and paying it off, then using it as equity to get a building loan. Then build the house we want, instead of settling! It’ll mean several more years in the apartment, but I think it would be worth it in the long run, because we’d have the house we want, the property we want, and all that goodness.

So many possible decisions, so many things to consider. At least I’m not having to ask what is life insurance? We already know the answer to that, and have that (plus identity protection for all of us on the renter’s insurance).

What would you do in our shoes? Would you buy the land and then do a building loan? Or buy a pre-built house and hope for the best?

Being Grown Up

So, we’re most likely going to be renewing our lease. That’s totally and completely okay with both of us now.

With the requirement for 2% down as part of the “good faith” in the bidding, it’s just not a smart idea for us at this moment.

She who claims to hate this apartment? I can deal with the noise and things better, knowing that I’m “stuck”. It’s just easier, since I’ve accepted it.

I would like to say thank you to my father, who helped Josh explain, in “nice” terms that this might be the best for us. Taking this time to save, and take care of what we need to now, so we’re not doing it all at once, is a really good thing, I think Smile

Say No to the Stress

So, house we liked? Bid on. No, that’s not the bad news.
We got told for the first time since we officially started looking in OCTOBER that we have to put down 2% good faith, out of our own pockets. That seriously scares us. NO ONE warned us about that. The biggest reason we wanted a rural development was because of NO MONEY DOWN! It’s a bigger loan, yes, but it’s less out of pocket at the get-go, meaning we can buy a stove and fridge, since 90% of the houses we’ve looked at have one or BOTH gone. 🙁

I’m sick of the stress. This wasn’t part of the deal, and no one told us about it!