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Now you see me …

Ha ha, now you still do, :lol:. I did a new look for my wedding site. It’s by Themes ‘n Dreams (which ROCKS), and I like it! I’ll keep it for awhile, unless Katy comes up with a wedding theme between now and whenever, :glomp:. For now, though, it works and suits, since we’re not in full “wedding” mode.

:bored: < — describes my mood perfectly
I can’t think of anything I really want to do. It’s starting to freaking PISS me off. :fist: I really want to make something with my base set, but I can’t get ANYTHING to look right :block:. Help me, if you can. Free tags for lineart!! I seriously need the help!! Badly, seriously! < –*bitches* <– get the idea?

Weather news

Hee hee. Those fluctuations I can handle. Those are beautiful and lovely fluctuations that my body goes :w00t: over, :highfive:. I love spring right now. Last week… oh hell no. That week just needs to be forgotten!! I hated last week!!


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You Wish You Were Me

Josh just completely and totally spoils me. I love it!!

How did he spoil me this time? Well, he told me about Never Ending Story being in a 2-pack for $10 after flipping through channels and finding it on. I asked him for it, so he got it. But, to the spoiling, he also got Labyrinth, Starburst Jelly Beans, Vanilla Creme Kisses, and Butterfinger eggs. giggles

All of that definitely makes up for the stress-filled day of constipated little Ethan. 🙁 Poor little mite has been trying to poop for a few days. Today, he finally did, and in true Daddy’s boy fashion, he spiked a fever, and slept the day away. He was cranky, and Madi just kept making it worse by running through, hollering. She’s getting cabin fever, I believe, and wants to get OUT of the apartment. Currently, she’s over at Mark and Julie’s with Josh, watching RAW/Smackdown/whatever, :lol:. I just hope like hell she doesn’t attempt them with Josh. Ethan would have gone, but he’s still feverish, even after Tylenol 🙁

In other news, I think I might have found a photographer for the wedding, if she’s still doing them 🙂 First off, I love the website design, and the pictures shown just blow me away. Might even have her do the engagement pictures too!! :w00t: :cross: :clap: :highfive: Yeah, just a little excited, :lol:.

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