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Help Out a Girlfriend!

I’m so going to cross-post this everywhere, but I need some major ideas and suggestions:

Okay, I need major help!! Okay, not help, but suggestions. For my pictures, when I post them, I currently use this:

and I love the “Snap to Scrap” (no one else seems to have it based on a basic google search *w00t*), but, I’m needing a “smaller design” to work with these actions: Finish It
Any suggestions? Any ideas?

Dry Skin

I’m on the hunt for some acne treatment reviews for dry skin. My skin gets so dry that the oils overwhelm my face trying to counteract the dryness. It really sucks. I’m twenty-seven-years-old, and I have the skin of a twelve-year-old boy.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to combat it? Preferably something cheap and something I can pick up at Walmart. Though now I can pick up Proactive in my mall through a vending machine, :lol:.

Character Names

How do you choose your characters names?
Is there a process or a generator?

I can’t choose mine!! They both are being asses and not showing me who they are! I see them, but I don’t know their names. Not even an iota of a clue!!

Its almost December, right?

Okay, December 14. Mark that day in your calendar. 😆
My phone is up for renewal. I’m ditching my smartphone and getting a non-smart-one with a data plan (hoping to).

Now the choices: Samsung Solstice, Samsung Impression and Samsung Propel. So far, the Impression has my heart :lol:.
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What? No Visits?

Yeah, I got none, so far, according to WP.com, :lol:.

Made it home. We’re alive.

Not much else to say. I’ll write more later, :lol:.

If you want to know anything, holler!! Give me something to write about!!