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Long Time … Why No Post

Someone hasn’t blogged in awhile. We’re not going to mention the lack of vlogging either. But the reason?

I ended up sick, which meant things got hectic. That means I fell behind in everything.

The real truth is that my bi-polar gave me a bit of a ride the past ten or so days. That means that I was barely motivated to move out of the bed for work. I’m thankful that I know the signs, and it didn’t get as bad as it could. I’m also thankful I have friends and family who help me in ways they would never understand!

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Week in My Life: Monday

Adventuroo WIML mon 13

Monday was a stressful, pathetic, ball of a mess.

The Worst of the Day: (a) Dryer shorted out; (b) Truck sprung a new leak; (c) Madison got lice UGH!
The Best of the Day: I didn’t kill anyone. I had the dishes done before maintenance showed up to check and make sure the circuit breaker wasn’t what was causing the problem with the dryer.

Things I Noticed: Food doesn’t interest me when I’m stressed out.
Last Year’s Post: http://tm2ts.sarahsmidnightfantasy.com/2012/10/23/a-week-in-my-life-2012-monday/

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up completely!

and now … on to the pictures!

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I went MIA

Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers? Yeah, don’t ask, :lol:. Things got hectic here for us lately. I have no idea why though. Just did.

Bad news: If SRS goes through with the cancelling, I’m going to have to find a job, an actual job, an actual paying job. I would be working after Josh gets off (meaning 6 to whenever Tuesdays through Sundays). I’m so not looking forward to it. We’re hoping SRS pulls their heads out of their asses, or else we’re screwed (and Josh will have to take the assistant manager position, just so we can make ends meet). GAH!! I hate this fucking country at times. Poor keeps getting screwed, and the rich keep getting breaks. Pisses me all to hell.