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It’s Hot


Okay, lately (like today) it hasn’t been SO hot, but it’s going to be!

See, not that bad. Nice. Mostly comfortable (still humid) and tolerable.

But good lord, mates! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 99F … and the same for Friday! I’m thankful I’m working those days. In an air-conditioned cafe.

But my husband? The mail carrier? It’s gonna feel like 125F in his truck 🙁


Thursday 3

#thursday3 1. I have to work today. I won't have a day off until Tuesday. 2. I am liking my job and the people I work with. 3. I'm not liking the going out into the heat though.

  1. I have to work today. I won’t have a day off until Tuesday.
  2. I am liking my job and the people I work with.
  3. I’m not liking the going out into the heat though.

Just shoot me now


Oh holy crap! That’s freaking HOT! It’s hot enough that I’m willing to put an ugly sun visor thing in my truck Surprised smile So glad that we retooled how air is circulated in the apartment. It’s currently a comfy 76F in the apartment. A/C hasn’t really shut off, but it’s not working as hard as it usually is. Also, we’re not completely baking ourselves!

We have a big round “box” fan style in Ethan’s room (which is the warmest), 3 tower fans in other rooms (living room, and the other two bedrooms), and a little tiny floor one that’s designed for shops and garages in the hallway! It also has a little surge protector built into it! Sweet, right? $48 at Wal-Mart, on sale right now!

Otherwise, nothing much is going on! We went to Wal-Mart at 9am (that’s early for us, Laughing out loud). Then we came home, put trash bags full of clothes into the truck, and took them to Goodwill Open-mouthed smile. Afterwards, we went to the OTHER Wal-Mart and picked up the little fan, as well as some ant bait. With the heat rising, ants are looking for food Winking smile We have kids, and not so clean, respectful neighbors. Neighbor’s kid like to eat ice cream right in front of our apartment, including making a huge ass mess with it. So, we have to pay Winking smile, but it’s not that bad. It makes me go “Do I want an ant in my soda, or will I drink some water?” I end up with the water (or a 20-oz., which defeats the purpose Rolling on the floor laughing).

How are you keeping cool this summer? And for those on the other end of the world, warm?

Hot in Herre


Ugh! I’m so against summer. I think summer should be banned!! See that temp? Fucking crazy, right? *blech*

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Heating Up

The apartment is starting to heat up. That, or I’m getting really warm because I’m cleaning.

Either way, it’s HOT right now, and it sucks.

Now back to mopping. Fun, oh fun.