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Being Honest With Myself

Diet and workouts haven’t been the greatest, but since I got my Shakeology in the mail, I’ve had one every. single. day.

  • My IBS hasn’t had a flair-up, and I’ve put it to the test by drinking milk (it was skim, so that does make a difference).
  • Even when I’m doing butt o’clock early shifts, with little to no sleep, I have time to have a shake. If I have more time, I make it more special (currently addicted to Snickerdoodle ), but I’m fine with just unsweetened vanilla and a scoop.
  • I get hungry at a decent time when it comes to lunch. With other ones (like Carnation Instant Breakfast, even the extra protein ones), I was hungry, shaking hungry, within 2 hours. Sometimes I’m not even hungry 4 hours later, when I’m usually going on lunch. I have to force myself to eat
  • I find myself looking FORWARD to the shake!

This week, the focus will be getting small changes in my diet. I’m a calorie tracker. For me, I have to. I can’t wrap my head around the container system, but I need to at least figure out meals and things. Thank GOD for Ashley’s accountability group starting tomorrow

The 14th, I’m back on the PiYo train. I’ve found myself MISSING the workouts, but 4-5 hours of sleep lately means I’m coming home and just passing out. I just can’t do it. Though yesterday, I logged, according to my FitBit, like 97 minutes of vigorous exercise, cleaning. My shoulders are KILLING me today. But I’m not logging that as a workout. I’m being honest with myself.

Which that is a big mindset change, as well. Being honest with myself. I’ve needed to do that for a long time.

So, honestly, that was a long ass post, and I’m going to shut up now. Back to the sweaty selfies tomorrow

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6 August, 2017 · 8:56 pm

She’s So Perty


I got my birthday gift a few days (um, weeks, ) early. It’s a FitBit Charge 2. I went with the purple band and I’m already in love! It’s vibrated at me when I’ve been inactive. It threw a party when I hit my 10k goal. It’s just so lovely and pretty!

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10 November, 2016 · 10:26 pm

Worked Out … And Work Outs


I have 2 new workouts I can do. Well, they’re the same, but they’re different. I love the Boosted Walk with 5 Mega Miles by Leslie Sansone, so I couldn’t resist 5 Boosted Miles. LOTS of steps. Quick work-outs! And then Walk to the Hits! Party Songs!

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9 July, 2016 · 10:07 pm

One of Those Days

I did do a driving vlog. I’m loving doing these. It helps me get my mind ready to go home. 😀

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23 June, 2015 · 11:09 pm

Stab You In Your Face

I will stab you

I have no idea what was going on but today was not a good day.

Woke up at 6am to a huge clap of thunder. The whole apartment shook like we were having an earthquake. I’ve felt a few of them in the past couple years here, so I know what I’m talking about.

Then I slept a little longer. I’m getting more efficient sleep according to my FitBit. Up to over sixty-percent. I was getting like thirty to forty before.

So, working out is working to make me sleep. I’m not even taking sleep aids. That’s the best part.

But today? I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Every. Single. Sound. sent me over the edge.

I knew something wasn’t right but I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

I took an iron pill and that helped, but I still feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin.

I honestly felt like I could kill someone today. Stab them. Hurt them. Something. I was just completely and totally on edge for no reason that I could tell.

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3 April, 2015 · 11:35 pm