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Eww … People


I’m not looking into massage therapy program online or anything, but hell, being able to massage the stress away from my husband without killing my arms would be nice. He wants cologne or something for Father’s Day, but I’m thinking I might get him a shiatsu chair thing. We’ll both get enjoyment out of it, but him most of all. I think he deserves it!

What are you getting the father in your life?

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Why Risk It?

I’m hearing more and more about women (and me) using Rapid weight loss pills to attempt to lose weight faster, instead of doing it the healthier way, with diet and exercise. Trust me … nothing is worth the loss of your life. A skinny body does NOT mean a healthy body. Even at my thinnest, I know I wasn’t that healthy. I definitely wasn’t in that great of shape (not that I am now). It is possible to be healthy with a few extra pounds.

If you’re having problems losing weight, talk to your doctor. An actual doctor, and not the quacks that say that these pills are healthy, even AFTER the reading of the possible and DANGEROUS side effects.


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The Life Thus Far

At Log Your Memory, there are weekly challenges for digital scrapbooking. This week’s challenge was to find a one-word “focus” for the year. I chose ACCEPTANCE. Josh even thinks that was a good choice for me. Thankfully, I’m blessed not having to “accept” that a child has cerebral palsy, like some families. I think I’ll have an easier time with this word than some others might.

I started it last night by accepting my family is full of drama and that I don’t have to be pulled into it.

I was actually jumping around, proud of myself, for not allowing myself to be pulled into the drama. It seems my siblings like to THRIVE on it, and it just makes me jittery and full of anxiety. I hate drama. I’ve had enough of it in my life.

As Josh put it: I’m over the 20-something-related drama. I’m ready to move into the next decade. As I told Josh, I was ready to move out of it before I hit 26 Surprised smile

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Going to Work

New Fan for the Laptop

I would so love to have a job right now. Something that pays well, but doesn’t require dealing with the public. That definitely knocks out medical assistant school. Then again that was knocked out because um, EW, I don’t like people’s bodily fluids. Heck, I don’t even like my own kids’.

Speaking of which, anyone know how to train a boy to pee in the toilet and not all over the floor. In a review video, you can hear me say “Ew, this stinks” and its because of the pee on the floor. Its really bad when Josh is saying “Oh that’s nasty”.

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I’m not unhealthy

That’s what I hear when someone says they have to get some sort of cholesterol treatment. Um, no one said you were. Sometimes its genetic! I hate hearing that kind of stuff though. Oh, because someone has to rely on insulin because of diabetes, they’re unhealthy? Yes, there are some that are, but not everyone.

Its like saying anyone who has to wear some sort of brace on a joint is fat, which is why the joint is weak. I sometimes have to wear a knee brace. I have since I was a teen. I was 5’3″ in HS, and a whopping 90lb, on my “fat days”. So, I was too fat for my joints? No, I just have weaker joints because of genetics.

So, before you judge someone, or even yourself, remember some things are pre-determined, in the womb, while your cells are dividing. You don’t have control over everything!

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