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That’s what I feel like my face is going to do. If someone plays zildjian cymbals a little too close to my face, it just might do that.

I spent all of Monday sitting in bed, minus a grand total of fifteen minutes out of it. My jaw is KILLING me. Sadly, there’s not much I can do about it. The fix? Oral surgery. The cost? Astronomical. My wisdom teeth roots are hitting the nerves in my ears. So, I have random clogged ears, or throbbing ears. Draining. All that nastiness. Sounds like SO much fun, right? Eye rolling smile

So, I spent yesterday attempting to self-medicate. I actually was fine if I was laying down. I didn’t really have any issues. If I turned my head, I was in pain again.

Today, the pain is a dull-ache. It’s almost like how you’d feel if you had arthritis in your jaw, and that dull throb that tells you rain is coming. Or something.

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041/366 [2012] – Daddy Cuddles

Ethan had some major pain from an ear infection and Mommy Cuddles just weren’t cutting it anymore.
So, he snagged them from Josh. Who didn’t seem to mind.

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021/366 [2012]

021/366 [2012] by TM2TS
021/366 [2012], a photo by TM2TS on Flickr.

Showered and I can breathe!

Sinus infection is seriously kicking my ass. Like badly. I’m sick. I’m pathetic. All that.

I hate being sick. Seriously HATE being sick!

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Keeping It Real: Not Natural

I’m not a natural redhead. Heck, I’m not even a natural brunette!

When I was a blonde, though? I got asked if I dyed my hair. NO ONE believed that I didn’t!!

random 026random 027PB090035

That’s my natural-ish color from way before I ever started dying my hair. That started in 2008. In the years since, I’ve done mostly DARK brown or reddish-brown, though I have had it professionally done strawberry blonde once.

Oh, and the baby in blue? That’s Madi. Yeah, she was uber adorable even then! Also, aren’t you glad I got rid of those ugly glasses? SO not right for my face!

The other chica? That would be one of my really good friends, Michelle, aka Mish! She lives in New York, but she did live in Florida briefly. We met online, and finally met. One day, we’ll meet up again. I’m dying to meet her son, Thomas, and I’m dying for her to meet Ethan Open-mouthed smile

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Eww … People


I’m not looking into massage therapy program online or anything, but hell, being able to massage the stress away from my husband without killing my arms would be nice. He wants cologne or something for Father’s Day, but I’m thinking I might get him a shiatsu chair thing. We’ll both get enjoyment out of it, but him most of all. I think he deserves it!

What are you getting the father in your life?

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