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Resolution #3

Resolution #3: Work out at least 3 days out of 5. Got a great way of doing this now:


I am working hard now on getting myself into shape, but I have a limited amount of space, due to living in a tiny apartment (1200 sq. feet doesn’t sound small, but when you have 4 people living in that space, it starts to shrink FAST). So, when Amazon offered a 3-pack DVD set for fit ball exercises, which I happen to own, ;), it works out great for me. Plus, with this being able to be done in less than an hour, I can still have time to do everything else that I have to do.
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Sleep is for the weak

I actually slept last night. I slept hard. I slept long. I slept well. Not saying what caused that good sleep, but I will say that, DAYUM, it was good.

Yeah, :lol:.

After she gets home, Madi won’t be back to school until Monday. I’m stuck with her and him, fighting and bitching, for FIVE DAYS. I’m gonna need clamps to attach them to the wall or bed or something. Just so I can not lose my ever loving mind. Anyone want to protect me?

How Do You Protect Yourself

There are so many different types of cancer out there. Cervical, breast, brain, bone, ovarian, even something called Mesothelioma cancer. How do you protect yourself?

With cervical, you can get a shot that helps ward off certain types. Breast cancer is all about knowing your body. Others are hard to find and diagnose, though.

You’d think with all the brains we have running these research labs, something would be out. Instead of trying to find new ways for people to lose weight through pills that can kill you, how about we find cures for cancers, AIDS, things like that.

School …

I want to go back to school. I mean I really want to go back to school. My dream is to finally go back and graduate! I don’t really know what I want to go for. All I know is that I don’t want to go to medical assistant training school. No, I don’t deal with other people’s biologicals very well 😉

Several ideas:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Writing
  • A hodge podge of classes

What would you go back for?

I need the sun

I keep seeing all these ads for hotels. I want to take a vacation. I want to go where I don’t have to make the bed myself. I want to go where I don’t have to cook for myself. I don’t want any Dallas Texas hotels or anything. I want to continue my reprieve from Bush, :lol:.

Where can I really go though? I can’t even get a date night with my husband.
And I’m whining about this when another family has lost the woman who means the world to them. What right do I have to whine? I have my life. I have my health. I have my kids.

Excuse me while I run away and hug my kids.