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My New Toy

I got me a new toy today 🙂

A Phillips PC camera. 🙂

I’m trying to figure out how to bring it online, without having to install a bunch of programs (it doesn’t do it automatically :(), but I hope I figure it out soon 🙂

*waits impatiently for video to load on YouTube*

Nice and adorable little thing even came with a microphone/ear bud combo thing 😉 It’s so freaking cute!! I look like a goober with my headphones on, XD

Still waiting on YouTube. Up to 56% now. Now I’m wondering if I should record myself, and let y’all hear me? Should I? *giggles*

Hey look!! YouTube uploaded the video. *yummy* Twizzlers are good, XD. And, no! I don’t eat that fast, XD
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