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I’m a shaky mess

I have never claimed to have nerves of steel. Nowhere close, in fact. But today? I’m awful. I have to make dentist appointments for both my kids. I don’t think I can handle this stress.

I want to just curl up in a corner and cry. I’m exhausted. I barely slept last night. Dreams just got too weird (and I can’t even remember them). It just really SUCKS right now.

I’m waiting on a callback from one of the FIVE dentists (yeah, only five) that accept our dental insurance. Josh is totally clueless and believed that our HEALTH insurance covered dentistry o.O Um, yeah, SURE! NOT!

Can I just stick my head in the sand and pretend this week is over?

If you’re in the Topeka area, what do you think of
Derek Durbin
Robert Durbin
Kelly Hathaway

They’re the dentists I called. I just picked them because they’re in the same office. Shitty reason, I know, but FFS, I didn’t have a lot of options.