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Photo Hunt – February 02 – Narrow

This week’s theme was narrow. Since I’ve got the wonderful smell of Hazelnut Cream floating through-out the apartment, courtesy of a yummy scented candle, I knew exactly what my theme picture was going to be.

We Were Busy!!

Today was a busy day for us. Since it was Josh’s day off, we took supreme advantage of it.

First, we visited with Kristen, Emma, and Gavin. Kristen had a cerclage done yesterday. She wasn’t quite expecting it to have to be done that soon (she just found out she was pregnant like 3 weeks ago), but she was much farther along than she and the doctor had originally thought (she’s 14 weeks). She and Baby made it through just fine, thankfully, which is good. She’s still in a bit of pain, but that’s mostly from the spinal block, and not the actual surgery, so that’s technically good, I would assume.

While we were there, we all looked at houses in those booklets you can pick up. We know rent is going to go up in April. We know that we can afford house payments, if we can afford to pay rent. So, we’re most likely going to forgo the new vehicle (if we have to get one, we’ll survive), and look at getting a house.

So, after we left Kristen’s, we went to Walmart and picked up Madi The Jungle Book. She’s been BEGGING for it since she saw it in a preview on another DVD. She’s not spoiled, :lol:, she’s loved, I swear. Anyway, to make it fair, we got Ethan a Cars pillow. The boy LOVES it already. That and we got him a double-decker bus (part of the cars that he gets), and he’s happy as a clam. I got a candle (hazelnut cream) and a planner (one for setting up a schedule for me on keeping things done for the sites and the apartment). Josh didn’t get anything, XD, but what he wants is expensive and has to wait until payday.

So, when we were done, we drove around for a bit and looked at houses. There were some really cute ones. Totally out of our price range, but adorable none-the-less. When we got home, we checked out a few more. We’re hoping, with the housing market falling, that we’ll be able to get better prices on houses. According to the sites Josh checked out while I was watching Bones and House, we’re going to get, in a loan, anywhere from $90k to $141k. *passes out* The houses, though, that we’re really liking, are in the $99k range. Not too shabby, IMO. They’re really cute (at least in the pictures), good sized rooms, largish kitchens (compared to this one here, and anything over 7 feet wide will be a step up – this kitchen is about 6-1/2 feet wide), and in good areas. That works for me. Now the next step is Josh contacting his bank (where we’re most likely getting the loan from), and finding out what he needs to do to start the process. We have to start doing it soon, because our lease is up in April, but he’s got fluxuating days off, and that makes house hunting hard. We’re thinking we’ll start looking mid-Feb into March, because of tax return. Depending on the housing market and prices, we might be able to swing the car at the same time. We’ll see once that time comes closer.

Oh yeah!! I also ordered some things for Halloween (for the gifts I’m giving to the kiddos in my life). Spent $20.75, including shipping. Not bad. Not bad at all!

Now for the plans for tomorrow:

  • Tags for members (that’s a duh
  • Crank out at least one theme.
  • Update Sigs ‘n More. That means TAGS … GIVE ME IDEAS
  • Do some InboxDollars surveys. Hey, easy money there
  • Pimp out Sigs ‘n More … membership is CHEAP!!