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Review: Jade Star

Jade Star (Star, #4)Jade Star by Catherine Coulter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Saint Morris has an actual real name!! His name is Michael! He earned the nickname Saint in medical school (HARVARD) when a cadaver was brought in. Saint saw the eyelids flicker, and had to fight his teacher to NOT cut into the man!

Jules was someone he knew in Hawaii. She was brought to San Francisco by a slaver who was dying of stomach cancer. He meets a tragic end, a painful end, and you almost feel sorry for him.

Byrony has a big baby, and Brent nearly goes out of his mind.

Chauncey and Del also have bit parts in it!!

All in all, a nice conclusion, and an enjoyable read!

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Happy Monday

So, I’m up before 10am. It’s Monday.
I’m showered before 7:20am. It’s still Monday.
Kids are still snoring away in their rooms, and it’s still Monday.
Have I ever mentioned that I’m not a real fan of Mondays? Did you know that Tuesday is going to suck ten times worse, because we purposely messed up Madi’s schedule so that she’d sleep in on her break? She goes back tomorrow. Joy of joys!

Today’s to do list is a doozy (ha ha, Firefox spell-check, I’m smarter than you :P. Added you to it, :lol:). Anyways, I have to do laundry. Josh helped me get more caught up, so *w00t* on that. I still have about 4 or 5 loads to go, not counting the two that he decided to just leave in the baskets because he wanted to play Madden and watch Wild Card games, 😆 [excuse me while I cry for a bit lamenting the loss of my Colts, though it does mean that Peyton can play in the ProBowl since they moved that to BEFORE the Superbowl, and it won’t be played in Hawaii. How freaking screwed up is that?].

La le la.

Okay, whoa. Brain, where the hell have you gone? I’m a rambling mess today, aren’t I? Brain is going twelve million directions at once, :lol:. I think I’m going to shut up now, and just, um, do something else.

Planning that Trip

Josh and I are planning, one of these years, to get our butts to Hawaii. A friend of ours lives in Kaua?i. Yes, that’s the setting for Lilo and Stitch. While I’d like to take the kids, so that they can see it, too, I’d rather be able to enjoy the beach in the arms of the man I love.

One year, I’d also like to see a few Broadway shows in New York. I want to see The Lion King, though I’m not sure if it’s playing any more. I want to see Central Park, though, of course, not after dark. I also want to see my friend, Michelle, who lives closer to up-state New York. I would so enjoy seeing her, hopefully before the wedding, :lol:.

Besides New York and Hawaii, I’d love to see Rome. While I’m not a huge buff at history, I’m dying to do a trip that involves Rome, Greece, and Ireland. Rome is because of the history. Greece because of the romance, history, and slight obsession with a certain book series. Ireland is because I’ve got Irish in me. I might have to add Germany to that list, since I actually do speak a little German as well.

He loves me!!

He really loves me!! Josh showed me last night the ring he really wanted to get me, and I found it on Walmart.com 🙂
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