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Perfect Work Space

I love having my laptop, but sometimes, not having a stationary desk can really be a hassle. I prefer to sit on the couch, because the kitchen table chairs aren’t really that comfortable. I love sitting on the couch, with the ability to watch TV.

I need something more though. I need to be able to sit down and be there, and get productive. I don’t really have a place to store my notes, a place for my mouse that’s not a cushion, or a mouse pad on a cushion. I love listening to music, but I hate having to put on headphones. I have some rocking earbuds that came with my laptop, so I’m okay with that. But, the problem is finding the room to do what I need to do without taking over everything.

How do you work with a laptop? Do you use a stand? Or your lap? Share, share!!


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Posting w/o Internet

The internet and digital cable are down, as off this moment. Cox is down-down. No ideas on when it’s going to be back up. It freaking pisses me off sometimes. There was extreme tiling for two days! TWO DAYS! And now they’re fixing it? With no warning (checked what e-mailed – went out around 8am, it’s now 11am). I hope it’s up sometime, because I’ve got things I need to do. I’m tired of dealing with the internet at this point in time.

Well, at least it’s giving me some time to get things done that I need to get done. I need to do tags for members. I didn’t do any Sunday, because Josh was off. I didn’t do any yesterday, because I had a bitchin’ migraine courtesy of sleeping bad. Today? Today’s I gotta do, today’s I will get done, XD. I also have to choose tags to go up in the area, available for sale, 🙂

To Do List For Today:

  • Tags for members (06, 07, 08)
  • Laundry (*gag*)
  • Plan the rest of dinner (already have chicken out and marinating)
  • Is it Thursday yet? Josh is off on Thursday, and we’re spending the day, at least part of it, checking out vehicles. We’ve found at least THREE vehicles in our price range. *sweet* I’m so excited about it. I wish we didn’t have to go through the hassle of buying a new vehicle right now, but man, I’m so excited to get something bigger than the POS we’re currently stuck with. That means I’ll get the nice vehicle to drive back and forth places. Madi won’t have to be embarrased when she gets to kindergarten by her mommy’s POS. Now, she’ll be riding in a nice vehicle.

    Speaking of purchases, we’re now looking at PC’s, and maybe something a bit better than the one we saw previously at Best Buy. I honestly have no clue what we’re going to purchase, :lol:. Josh wants a quad-core. I want a quad-core, but we found a dual-core with up to 8gigs of memory. That would kick some majorly serious ass!! I want a PC that kicks ass, :lol:.

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