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I have a goal for May to average one mile a day for the month (meaning at least 31). I don’t mean miles all together. I mean purposeful miles. Yesterday, my battery was mostly dead, as was my phone (phone was at 16% today, too, though I didn’t mess with it … ). So, today, I “made up” the miles. I can, because of the route I take, go every other day and get the average easily, but I would rather have too many miles at the end of the month than not enough!
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You’re a Wizard Harry!

One day, I’ll remember everything I’ve read, without forgetting a single detail.

Today, it’s not that day.

A few days ago, I restarted . Just for fun!

I spent the rest of the book, amazed at how much I had forgotten!

It was great, and sad, at the same time!

This Week in the HP

HP this time could mean Harry Potter or Happy Planner.

I’m sorry, I’m tired. I have a good reason:

Worked a double today. My feet hurt. My arms hurt. My back hurts.

My step count? That doesn’t hurt 😉

And yesterday’s vlog:

There won’t be one for today to share tomorrow. I’m too tired to try and hold a camera or anything like that!


WITL: Tuesday


I was off. It was nice. I’m glad my schedule got changed and I was off, because I had to do some running around places. So much easier when I’m not in a rush to get back home before I have to get ready to leave for work.

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Review: Mockingjay

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

NOTE:! THIS WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! Sorry, but I gotta talk about it.

I’m reading other reviews and people are saying it’s rushed, the ending at least. I totally agree. Compared to the first two, it was. Reminds me of Rowling’s ending to Harry Potter. Rushed, almost like she wanted to make sure that any fan-fiction endings were chosen by her. Or something.

I agree with another review that said that it was weird that Katniss was left on her own in 12. Her mom was in 4. Gale was in another. She was left with Haymitch and Peeta.

I am glad she ended up with Peeta. Gale just didn’t *feel* like a good fit. I think if the Hunger Games had not happened, Katniss and Peeta still would have ended up together.

Otherwise, I loved the book. SERIOUSLY loved it. Loved the series. Loved it all.

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