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A Little Behind But I Caught Up!

Work and sickness (headaches) got me behind on my scrapping, but I’m going to catch back up!

Pics are a few years old (date is listed). I love the title work that I did though!

Kit: Coaster Craze by Mags Graphics
Template: Precious by Pixelily Designs

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11 April, 2017 · 6:10 pm

Monday Workings

Today’s not going to be a very busy day. Not at all, XD, and for once, I’m not being sarcastic.

Monday, April 13, 2009

  • Madi is off of school
  • Post a post
  • Take a picture
  • Do some laundry [the bane of my existence, I’m telling you]
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Work-Out with Maya
  • Back-up custom content
  • Uninstall The Sims 2
  • Whine about Sims 3 not coming out for another 2 months, XD

Wow! I have most of what I need to do already done. You can see the rest of what I need to do this week here.

Okay, I’m not completely done with uninstalling The Sims 2, but I’m working on it. And I did decide not to back up the downloads. I can get those easily. They’re not that big of a deal to me. The love of my hard drive is making me do this, that and I really don’t even play.

I also need to figure out how to burn copies of DVDs for back-ups [not of my computer but of actual DVDs]. Anyone know how to do that? I have Windows Vista if that matters.


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Tuesday’s To-Do List

The to-do list for Tuesday is a little long. Wednesday brings pest control, and well, pest control is our signal “oh, time to really clean”, . I really hate cleaning.
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Woke Up Sore

After the working out yesterday, it should be no surprise that I woke up freaking sore, but I did. I want to whine about it. Fat lot that’s gonna do me, but I wanna do it anyways.

I’m in a pissy mood this morning. Was in a good one and then Whiny Butt, aka Ethan, decided to wake up in a whiny mood. Nothing annoys me more than a whiny child. Bleh!

Ten On Tuesday: To Do List

  1. Work-out
  2. Dishes
  3. Wash laundry
  4. Fold Laundry
  5. Dry laundry
  6. Put-away laundry
  7. Back-up Storyteller
  8. Clean up Storyteller’s hard drive
  9. Fix dinner
  10. Eat something


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Less Words Wednesday

The currently played has changed, I’m on a serious music kick. I can hear my hard drive going “kill me now!”, XD

What are you listening to now?

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