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Feeling Framed Layouts

Kit: Get Your Step On by Leaving a Legacy Designs
Template: Feeling Framed by LissyKay Designs
Font: Janda Quirkygirl


My FitBit account: www.fitbit.com/user/328ZFK

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I’m Not Superficial

I just like taking selfies! These shots are screengrabs using Video to Picture on Android from my most recent driving vlog πŸ˜€

I colored my hair today. Garnier Nutrisse Honeydip (Dark Golden Blonde) and I even did my make-up. I really need to practice my eyeliner but I’m getting damn good at my actual eyeshadow πŸ˜€

Color Me Bad

Hair color changed #chocolatecaramel #garnier #garniernutrisse #hairdye #haircolor #athomedyejob

A woman is allowed to change her mind.

I went from purple to pink to orange, all in a fading of a dye job.

Now, I am my favorite snack: chocolate caramel. Yum and the color suits me. It is that pop of color that makes me feel more me!

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Nothing But Rain

That’s all we’re supposed to get tomorrow. A field trip had to be rescheduled. Someone over here is dealing with a wicked headache that’s aching in the jaw all the way up to the top of her skull.


At least I have hair that’s fun.

It’s not perfect, but HOLY CRAP! It’s purple πŸ˜€ I like it! The color I used is Splat Rebellious Colors Lusty Lavender 1 Kit. Next time, I won’t bleach my hair, because HOLY CRAP, I looked scary weird! Also, next time, I’m going to probably try this color: Splat Rebellious Colors Hair Coloring Complete Kit Purple Desire. But I’m still happy with my hair.