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Hair Color Problems

This is my hair color wet. This is the color I want it dry #haircolorproblems

My hair, when it’s wet, is a medium to dark brown with some wicked cool golden blonde highlights.

When it dries, I lose all that, and I don’t like that.




Last night I slept with my hair braided. Like full-on French braid. I’ve only done it a few times to myself. It was HARD to do! I wasn’t expecting it to be that hard!

I #frenchbraided my hair before bed #latergram

I was hoping to get some curls out of it, but nope. That didn’t happen. Hair was still WET even though it had been like 8 hours from my shower to the time I took down the braid! WEIRD!



There was a Boy Scout hot dog roast/bonfire tonight and it was lovely. Some of the boys were a little rowdy, but the majority were well-behaved. It was a really good group of boys! I ate two hot dogs, 2 sets of nachos, a s’more and baked beans. I’m so freaking stuffed that I think my stomach might explode!


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Cheap in Cost, Not in Effectiveness


I love using my Suave family products. I mostly use the Professionals line for myself, and the kids love the kids line!

I’m loving the Moroccan Oil series right now. My hair tends to be really dry in the winter, and this is helping SO much! My hair isn’t getting super oily when I use the conditioner, so I’m able to go a little longer between washes. That helps the hair not become even drier! Also, it smells wonderful, and the scent actually lasts most of the days!

Happy Saturday

I’m off to Girl Scouts, but before I go, I wanted to share some stuff that happened yesterday. Some good things. Nothing bad! We had enough of the bad.

Dec 14, 2012 | How do I wear this hat? Suggestions, please! by sarahcburkett on Keek.com

Yeah, um, how do I wear this? Really? Any suggestions? I love the hat, and if I’d gotten the other I’d wanted, Josh would have mocked me more!
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