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Project Life: Fitness Edition


Friday, I joined a gym. A legit gym. I have access to multiple locations, and most are 24/7.
I have no more excuses, though I’m not looking to make any.
And now, I have friends to join in! We’re doing this together!

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19 April, 2016 · 9:52 pm

Week 3-ish Update for Working Out

Monday, August 10:
20:59 for 99.3 calories
31:44 for 104.9 calories
Tuesday, August 11:
I took the day off. Ankle was throbbing.
Wednesday, August 12:
23:19 for 99.0 calories
38:27 for 149.8 calories
Thursday, August 13:
17:46 for 65.8 calories
11:17 for 39.6 calories
Friday, August 14:
I didn’t work out. I don’t know what I did, but my other ankle throbbed.
Saturday, August 15:
I didn’t work out again. Julie came over early, and then Josh played Madden 2010 after she left, :lol:.
Sunday, August 16:
45 minutes or so at the gym. Didn’t log exact calories (phone battery was just completely made of fail) but at least 175 calories but I’m sure it was more.
10:12 for 36.6 calories (to make sure my legs weren’t gonna fall off, :lmao:)
28:08 for 136.6 calories
Monday, August 17:
19:02 for 86.6 calories
25:28 for 108.7 calories
According to EA Active, since 07/26 (when I got EA Active), I worked out for over 10 hours (for me, that’s awesome), and burned over 2500 calories! I’m seriously loving this game.

Tomorrow I’m going to die though. Squat holds. I can do them when I’m not under pressure, but as soon as you put that clock on me, I lose my focus and screw up. I’m hoping the MP3 player will help me with that. It’s been helping with the running, that’s for sure.

Okay, shutting up now, 😆

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Heal Ankle Heal

Okay, I think I figured out a good day for Julie and I to hit the gym. Mondays are good days because she is usually off. It’s also the day that Mark’s friends come over for wrestling. There’s one male that neither one of us can really stand, so it’s good to have an excuse to run away

Now, I need to figure out how to organize the rest of my work-outs. I have Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease Collection plus My Fitness Coach for the Wii. I really want Wii Fit and EA Sports Active. A friend told me about Hip Hop Abs (level 01) and Insanity, but she’s more of the fitness nerd than I ever want to even to think about.

And, yes, I failed at even working out yesterday, but I did a hell of a lot of walking on Sunday. We left at about 10am, and didn’t get to Mark and Julie’s until after 1pm. Ninety percent of that time was me on my foot walking. OUCH!

I will do better, though! Today, I plan on working out. As soon as I get clean underwear dried, Laughing

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