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Weeks 16-20 … Completed!

I’m catching up! Slowly but surely. I guess I shouldn’t say slowly, since I did Weeks 13-20 yesterday. That’s 8 layouts. EIGHT! Yikes!! I’m proud of myself for completing them though! I have GOT to stop putting these things off for so long Laughing out loud

So, enjoy!

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Some Scrapping Going Down


LOTS of credits for these!!

  • Templates, Weather Flair, some WA: Creations by Julie
  • Background papers: Scrap Your Life Mega by the GS Designers
  • Week 13 alpha/DOTW: Doodle Me Happy by Designs by Jen Yurko
  • Crown: Daydreamer by Julie Marie
  • Cue WA: Dainty by HK Designs
  • Measuring Spoons: Fresh Baked the Kit by the GS Designers
  • Book: Little Charmer by Marshmella Designs
  • Car: Licensed to Drive by MandyMade
  • Daddy WA, pictures WA, No Hitter WA: Kathy Winters
  • Week 14 alpha: My Wish For You by Connie Prince
  • Error!, Online WA: So Much Cooler Online by Wyld Web Designs
  • Week 15 alpha: Batter Batter Swing by Connie Prince

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One More Week Down

Yeah, I have only completed one of the 7 weeks I was supposed to do. Sad smile

Headaches tend to screw up everything Sad smile


Fonts: Pea Two Peas and Their Pod & Pea Missy With a Marker
Papers, Week 13 alphas: Scrap Your Life Mega by the GS designers
Borders: Gingerscraps
Template: Creations by Julie
Error: So Much Cooler Online by Wyld Web Designs
Crown and Heart: Daydreamer by Julie Marie
Popcorn: Movie Magic by Connie Prince
Weather Flair: Creations by Julie
I Am WA: Here I Am by Marshmella Designs
Coffee cup: Girlfriend Cafe by Jumping Jelly Bean Designs

Catching Up

I fell so behind on the P365 layouts. No, not on taking the pictures! Those I’m totally good with. No, just the layouts. I did this back in APRIL Surprised smile I need to work on getting the rest of them finished. I have 7 to do. I was A LOT farther behind last year, I think, so I think I can do it without a problem!


I’m bad, because I’m not going to leave the credits.They’re pretty much the same ones I’ve used over and over, so I swear, it’ll be easy to find them. I’m just needing to get this layout *up* so I can work on the others.

Okay, honestly, from what I recall, they’re all from Scrap Your Life Mega by the Gingerscraps designers