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P365–Week 04–Busy, Busy, Busy


Template: Creations by Julie 
Kit Pieces:
Colors of My Life by the GS Designers
Scouting is Fun by Connie Prince
Scrap Happy by Jen Yurko & Marie H Designs
Capturing Memories by Marie H Designs
Photogenic by Sugar Kissed Designs
Chocolate Kisses by the GS designers
School is Cool by Kathy Winters
Rise & Shine by Unforgettable Moments & Key Of D Designs

Sunday: Pinewood Derby time. Ethan came in third for his den! So proud of my little guy!
Monday: I made a hybrid! It’s a cookie box, perfect for any Geek!! The kiddos also both had a sick day.
Tuesday: I don’t even. Josh was home. Madison ended up having to stay home, for the fever.
Wednesday: The day started beautifully but ended on a not so happy note. Madison had a majorly bad day at school.
Thursday: I got the cutest, most adorable snail in the mail. I call him Snailmail. I love him!
Friday: Field Trip day. It was SO nuts, but it was nice, too. Got to meet neighbors and talk to other parents. I really did enjoy the day.
Saturday: Morning was an early start, because the Monkey had Girl Scouts, but we had to meet at the fire station at 2:30. Madi actually rode with Michelle back to the church, because I couldn’t stay, because I had to be there for the Daisies!

{Project 365 + 1} Week 02 Layout


Template: Creations by Julie
Papers: Colors of My Life by GS designers
So Much Cooler Online by Wyld Web Designs
How I Feel by Valerie Ostrom
Scrap Your Life Mega by the GS designers
Life Happens by Laura Marie Scraps
Good Morning by the GS designers
Photogenic by Sugar Kissed Designs
Scouting is Fun by Connie Prince

Oh Hai Long Weekend

I have my first P365 layout done!! Like right on time Open-mouthed smile There has GOT to be something wrong with me. Maybe not, but I like to pretend so. It’s DONE! That’s all that matters!!


Font: Pea Gretchie
Background Paper: Colors of My Life by the GS designers
Week 1 border: Creations by Julie
Date tags: Colors of My Life by the GS designers
Living tag: The Good Life by Inspired Designs
Spoon: Good Morning  by the GS designers
Cheesy WA: Photogenic by SK Designs [Available 1/13/12]
Swirl and Hearts: Life Happens by Laura Marie Scraps
Play w/Me WA: Creations by Julie
Whatever WA: Kathy Winters
Busy WA: Project 2012: January – Mega Stash by Connie Prince


Sunday: I feel pretty, so pretty. Good first day of 2012! It was nice having Josh home all day!
Monday: Mmm, Special K. It’s what’s for breakfast. That was ate at 11am. I love sleeping in!
Tuesday: I went a little unique and different with dinner. The kids loved that I added chili powder to the dinner!
Wednesday: I need to remake my “Word of the Year” art. I also need to print more photos!
Thursday: I wasn’t ready for the early wake-up. I was tired!
Friday: Josh had the day off! We went all sorts of places. It was NICE hanging out with my husband all day!
Saturday: Another day off for Josh. He was on a cleaning binge, so I spent most of the day hidden in the bedroom. What? He suggested it!


P365 Layouts … ALL CAUGHT UP!


Template: Creations by Julie
Scrap Your Life Mega
Bits of Fall
Scouting is Fun
Land of Learning
Brave Little Patient
This Is Why I Scrap

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The Smell is Grossing Me Out

I am truly becoming grossed-out at the stagnant smell of cigarettes. We are really the ONLY ones in this building who don’t smoke.

Yes, I’ve complained about the smell before, but today it’s truly bad. Below us isn’t home, as far as I can tell (their vehicles are gone) but the apartment REEKS so badly. I don’t think they have their windows open, and are running their A/C or something. We have windows open, but I didn’t have any fans on. The smell is awful in the bedroom.

The internet needs smell-o-vision, and then you’d understand. It’s just gross. Absolutely gross!

But for something NOT so gross:


Kit, for both: Fresh Baked by the GS Designers
Template, for calendar: 2012 All On 1 Page Calendar by Creations by Julie