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A New Camera

No, I don’t have a new camera. Not yet.

But I’m on the hunt for one. For a new Point and Shoot!

I have a few requirements:

  • It must use an SD card.
  • It must record in 1080p. My phone does. My Webcam does. It needs to do that.
  • It must have WiFi. Current one does, so the new one should as well.
  • It must be a Canon.

So far, I think I have found the one that I want. It’s the Canon PowerShot ELPH 350 HS. I currently have ELPH that does 720p. I love the camera and the options, but I NEED 1080p. I can’t use less now that I’ve experienced 1080 with the S4/S5. That’s all there is to it.

Also, today, I walked my freaking FEET off!


This isn’t the highest I’ve gotten (that’s 30,000, and a goal for 2016 is to hit 35000), but I’m proud of it. I’m proud of what I got today.

We went to the grocery store. I bought ONE thing that’s considered super unhealthy, and then got RICE-based crackers and chips. The Special K Salt & Vinegar Cracker Crisps or something like that are DELICIOUS.

We walked to the gas station. Got some Powerball tickets. Haven’t looked to see if we won anything.

Then I worked. We were hopping ALL NIGHT. It was nice to be busy but DAMN. A break would have been nice 😉

I’m also working a double on Sunday. Wish me luck with that 😉


Camera And Fun

If you’re needing some good camera gear, check out this site!

Seriously! I found a rubber case housing for my DSLR on it, and wow, it looks really good!


I’m also a sucker for a really cute camera bag, and there are a few that are pink. Um, yes, please!?!

Seriously, though, if you’re a camper or even slightly obsessed with photography, check out this site! I’m not a camper, per se, but I do love to hang out outdoors. I’m just a bit of a priss and love to sleep in my own bed rather than on the ground. Call me a princess, but it’s the truth!

I’m not a fisher, but there are some great things for that, as well. Me? I prefer my fish to come from the grocery store.

No, I’m kidding at that. I love fresh fish. I just don’t enjoy sitting around waiting for a bite, :lol:. I miss having fresh fish though. I had it a lot when I lived in Florida as a child.


Thursday 3


#thursday3, hosted by the wonderful @rukristin. Take a picture of yourself right now and share 3 things about you, what you’re doing, etc.
? 1. Just spent $300 at the grocery store but 90% of the money was towards good stuff. The freezer and fridge are stuffed to the gills.
? 2. I had to put concealer on my 11-year-old. Today is their picture day and I wanted her to be comfortable. Used the COVERGIRL Ready, Set Gorgeous Concealer Light 0.37 Fl Oz. Lightweight but worked well.
? 3. I got Walmart version of an Arnold Palmer. Its really good.


Good Booze, Good Friends

I didn't even realize #angryorchard was #glutenfree pretty cool.There’s something about finding an alcohol that you like.

Then looking and realizing you can suggest it to almost any friend, because it’s also gluten-free.

And only noticing because you’re looking for the alcoholic content, and realizing that might be why you feel a little loopy.

Yes, I’m completely a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

Project Life: Week 01


First Week is completed!!

Here are the layouts in larger size (with their credits).

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