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30 Days of List : Day 27

D14 List 27 - Things that happened yesterday

  1. Grocery shopped
  2. 9500 steps :O
  3. Got 39 on WiiFit Plus
  4. Madi got a Winter Wolf on Neverwinter
  5. Made waffle omelets

Try Something New


I have always wanted to try sushi, but I never had the guts to actually buy it. So, when we went to Dillon’s to pick up birthday dinner supplies for Madi’s birthday, I grabbed a mixed batch. I tried one of each, and I can’t find one I didn’t like. I will not be eating the ginger (or whatever that shredded stuff is) or the wasabi, but the soy sauce did get used 😀

Weekly Winners: June 09 – 15, 2013

weekly winners

All shots for the Weekly Winners meme are taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Canon PowerShot A3400 IS, or the HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone. More can be found on my Flickr account. Project 365 pictures can be found in this set.

First, I want to say that we did make it back safe and sound from Indiana. I was cool, calm and collected when we left, until Josh mentioned my dad. Then the waterworks began. I think that just proves that I’m a total Daddy’s girl. Which is fine, considering it is Father’s Day today!

Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing father I have ever known: my own. While I was in Indiana, I found out, without him ever saying it directly to me, how much my father truly loved me.

Also, Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing father I could have ever asked to have for my kids! Josh, I adore how wonderful you are with our kids! I love you!

Now, onto the pictures!

Seriously, the sexiest pair of shoes I have ever owned! Ariat Fatbaby 😀

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Busy Busy Saturday

Things to do today:

  • Post a post
  • Take a picture
  • Leave 5 comments @ Gingerscraps on layouts
  • At least 8 layouts from my scrapping to do list

Done Already today:

  • Grocery shopping @ Walmart
  • Put away groceries from said trip
  • Fed kids breakfast [poptarts and donuts FTW]
  • Twittered a bit
  • Waited on a phone call from Hubby (still doing that)
  • Found clips for hair cuts tomorrow 😉

Sleeping In

You know what I miss the most about Madi not being in school? The sleeping in. I do not like the like “let’s get up at 8am”. *grumble*

Ugh! My joints have been just so made of fail lately.
I haven’t worked out since the knee gave out.
Okay, I did a few arm exercises, and I’ve done a bit of walking for grocery shopping, but otherwise? Work-out fail.
It doesn’t help that the IBS is also going nuts and insane 🙁 I’m just achy EVERYWHERE!!
And with the temps hitting the 80s starting tomorrow? UGH!

Anyone want to do it for me?
Or suggest some non-leg exercises that would be good for working out?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

  • Post a post
  • Take a picture
  • You know I gotta do some laundry
  • Work out with Maya
  • Leave 5 comments @ Gingerscraps on layouts
  • Speed Scrap @ 7pm @ Gingerscraps
  • Speed Scrap @ 8pm @ Digi Scrap Mania
  • CT Layout using My Favorite Blue Jeans
  • Work on participation prize for Speed Scraps @ Gingerscraps (oh yes, I signed up to be the leader for some. Oh Lordy)