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I Need a Vacation

Alabama Hills Recreation Area

Alabama Hills Recreation Area (Photo credit: evanchu)

Sunday, I went to Lawrence. We spent time together as a family, and it was nice. But gah, the kids. They drove me nuts. Absolutely nuts. I want a vacation away from my family. At least my kids. If it wasn’t so humid, I’d be checking out some Alabama hotels. Something, anything, to get away.

I love my family, but I need a break. I’d love to check out Alabama, though. I’ve heard that it’s a pretty state, that there are some great things to see.

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Come Sail Away

I would love to go on some European cruises someday. I would love to visit anywhere, honestly, in Europe. Visit those ancestral roots and all that.

I would also love to fly to Greece and stay there for a few weeks. Visit the sites of mythological importance. See the architecture. Go absolutely insane taking pictures of the local sites and the locals themselves. Fall in love with my husband all over again in the most romantic place in the world!

If you could go anywhere, where would you most want to go?

Writing Excercise: Female Lead for NaNo

1. What is your name? How did you acquire that name? What does it mean, if anything, to you?
Adrienne Karahalios
Adrienne means dark, and I was born during a dark period in my mother’s life.

2. What was your childhood like? Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Greece. A single child between my mother and my father. Just after my mother could take my father as her mate, he was killed by Katagaria hunters. She barely escaped with her life, carrying me as well, unbeknownst to her.

My mother gave me the best life that she possibly could. I never wanted for anything. The only thing I ever dreamed of was to meet my father. Because I never had that chance, I think I’m always searching for a father figure, though my mother loved me, and gave me all she could.

My mother passed away when I was only 45, so now I’m on my own.

3. What is the first thing people notice about you when they meet you? What’s the second?
Physical? Well, the physical is either my lips or my eyes. My eyes are a pale, pale ice blue. My lips are reminiscent of Angelina Jolie, even though I bore them first.

After that? I have absolutely no idea. I ignore most people. I’m ‘polite’, but I’d rather just be alone.

4. What makes you get out of bed in the morning?
It’s a requirement? Honestly, I don’t really get up in the “morning”. I’m more of a night owl, or cat, I guess I should say. I do not like getting up at all.

But my reason for actually getting up? Because I have a job that I love. I own and run my own clothing store. I love it. I love my customers, and my “employees”. It’s the family I crave.

5. Do you have an Achilles heel? What is it?
I’m always searching for that “one” that the Fates have decreed I be with. Sadly, I seem to always be stuck with the asshole by the name of Osias Kallas. I do not like that man at all.

I’m also searching for that father figure. It seems to be doomed, as I keep looking up to the wrong man.

6. How do you feel about kids? Do you have any?
I love kids, and want a whole pack of my own. That requires a were-mate first. I hope and pray the Fates haven’t stuck me with a freaking human for that.

7. Love interest? Common, be honest.
What? Are you hinting that I might have feelings or desire Osias Kallas? Are you out of your freaking mind. Oh hell no

8. Where do you hope to be in five years?
Right here. Doing what I love, being with the one I love, having a child of my own.
Do I forsee that happening? Hell no, and it pisses me off!

9. Boxers or briefs?
Um, I’m a female. I don’t wear that shit. Oh, fine. Boxers to bed, thongs or bikini briefs when I’m not. There? Does that make you feel any better, you nosy bastards?

10. Any last words?
Oh, it’s over. Well crap. Oh well. back to work

Mamma Mia, My Oh My

I Finally Got Away

Friday, my friend, Julie, and I saw Mamma Mia! May I say that I, who’s not a huge fan of musicals, absolutely adored the movie. Julie wasn’t too sure that she’d wanted to see it, but saw it because I wanted to, and because Sex and the City wasn’t available. She paid for the tickets ($14) and I paid for the popcorn and sodas ($15.52). Worth every single penny paid, I think. Definitely one where I’ll be purchasing the DVD when it comes out, and the soundtrack as well. As I told Julie, I want it in my car, on my laptop, and on my phone.

Rave Reviews

I absolutely loved the screen adaptation of Mamma Mia! The look of it was gorgeous, never has a Greek island looked so beautiful! I loved Meryl Streep as Donna, she cam across as an honest and good-hearted character. I loved Amanda ans Sophie and my only big casting problem was Pierce Brosnan, you may want to cover your ears when he sings, he’s horrible. Some of the songs seemed a bit forced in the storyline, but some of them felt at home. I saw an advanced screening and the sound wasn’t very good but that could have been because of the spot where we were sitting. The movie was ultimate feel good! I loved it! It was very bright and bouncy the whole time. I didn’t feel that there was one slow moment in the movie! I think my favorite moment in the movie was definitely Dancing Queen. It was spectacular.
Author: Sergihoe from United States

I’d have to say that I agree 100% with this review, and all of the spectacular ones. There might be some not so nice ones, but I haven’t paid any attention.

Planning that Trip

Josh and I are planning, one of these years, to get our butts to Hawaii. A friend of ours lives in Kaua?i. Yes, that’s the setting for Lilo and Stitch. While I’d like to take the kids, so that they can see it, too, I’d rather be able to enjoy the beach in the arms of the man I love.

One year, I’d also like to see a few Broadway shows in New York. I want to see The Lion King, though I’m not sure if it’s playing any more. I want to see Central Park, though, of course, not after dark. I also want to see my friend, Michelle, who lives closer to up-state New York. I would so enjoy seeing her, hopefully before the wedding, :lol:.

Besides New York and Hawaii, I’d love to see Rome. While I’m not a huge buff at history, I’m dying to do a trip that involves Rome, Greece, and Ireland. Rome is because of the history. Greece because of the romance, history, and slight obsession with a certain book series. Ireland is because I’ve got Irish in me. I might have to add Germany to that list, since I actually do speak a little German as well.