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Well, Hello

So, I’m trying to go back to the daily blogging thing. We’ll see how long it lasts. If I miss a day, I’m going to try and go with no more than a day in between the posts.

We shall see, but I’m going to give it my best shot!

Today was Mother’s Day and it was a good one. I got some beautiful flowers and a funny card from the kids and Josh made an amazing dinner!

After work, I was just lazy and sat in bed with the laptop (which I’ve christened Platinum because it’s an HP Envy and the light silver color. I think it fits perfectly). I’ve got my games reinstalled! I’ve got the Adobe stuff I need installed! I get to learn Premiere Pro!

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14 May, 2017 · 9:28 pm

Currently Card: May 06, 2015


Watching: Llandros is a Simmer on YouTube. He has a challenge using ALL that Sims 3 has to offer! I love it!

Reading: American Romance book combo. I love these types of novels.

Listening: Josh was watching a Livestream

Making: Messes are so much fun to make

Feeling: Moody for some reason. I was also extremely exhausted.

Planning: I got my 10k in! Forced myself to do it though I didn’t want to!

Loving: I played with a touchscreen laptop today, and yeah, now I’m thinking of upgrading my laptop to a touchscreen. I found a 17.3″ with better specs than this one (2gb graphics card! gasp), and it’s only $100 more than I spent on this (NOT including the $250 we’ve shelled out in repairs).

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6 May, 2015 · 11:07 pm