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She’s Mine, For Sure


She doesn’t always look like me. She has a lot of her father’s features.

I can tell she’s mine in the color of her eyes. They’re nearly identical to mine.

But how I can really tell is when she makes her goofy faces. That’s how you can tell.

She’s goofy and she’s crazy. She can be quiet and serious. Don’t try and talk if she’s reading.

That’s how I know she’s mine.


Week in My Life: Week 23


This week included a lot of headaches courtesy of humidity. Blech!


June 02
yeah, I ended up with some sunburn! SO not a pretty sight right now (on Monday ;))
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Traveling to Oz …


Kit: Project 2013 by Connie Prince
No template used. Photoshop actions by Coffeshop Blog for the pictures

31 Days of Digi-Scrapping: Week 40 LO

Week 40 layout.

Kit: Project 2013 [October] by Connie Prince
Template: Connie Prince

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274/366 [2012] – Goofy Girl

274/366 [2012] - Goofy Girl by TM2TS
274/366 [2012] – Goofy Girl, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

Via Flickr:
She cuddles with her father, entertaining him with her smile.
She looks so much like her mother, making her father love her more.