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Oooh, Hello Planners Again

Another day, another planner!
I love my Plum Paper, but I need to figure out how I want to use it. The layout can be used so many ways. This week, I’m using it like a vertical!

Next week? Who knows what I’ll do with it!
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He is Six {A Freebie}

On March 17th, I held a speed scrap at Gingerscraps. The subject of that scrap was my amazing little boy, Ethan. Why? Because he had turned SIX YEARS OLD that day. He’s out little Leprechaun. So, I created a set of glitters to give away, on that day, that symbolized him.

His favorite color is red, Green is the color of St. Patrick’s Day, his day of birth, He loves Transformers, which centers around a lot of blue (he has TWO sweatshirt jackets in blue with Optimus on them ), his eyes are this gorgeous shade of brown!, he has his “white blanket” that he can’t live without, and he has the sunniest disposition, except when he’s in a bad mood

Well, today, I’m giving those glitters away again. This time to all my readers

Please, if you download, leave a comment or something! I’d like to know who’s downloading. It’s common courtesy and all that!

Download the Glitter Sheets, which should work in any program, or the .ASL file, which was created in CS5, which I hope works with any version

Some Layouts

Kit: Take 2 by Scrappy Cocoa

This layout just absolutely breaks my heart. Poor little man had 4 shots! Varicella, MMR, DTaP, Influenza 2010, and Polio. Yes, I immunize, and no, I’m not going to get into a philosophical discussion on that. My aunt had polio. I’ve seen the after-effects of that. I also know that in my family, even getting the chicken pox doesn’t guarantee you won’t get them again. My siblings had them SEVERAL time!

270/365 - 4 Shots
He at least got some awesome looking Band-Aids out of it!

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Free Glitters

Download at Brownie Scraps. Created by me, using ArtRage. *w00t*

Let me know if you download, though! If you use, ALSO let me know! I’d LOVE to see it!!

Trying Out ArtRage

I can now make glitter:

Now to figure out how to make it more of a pattern. I’m on the hunt for tutorials. Please, feel free to share them.