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img_6856I went full brave and got glasses in a color and style I’d never go for! The lenses are more exposed, risking breakage. They’re BRIGHT pink. The rhinestones aren’t new. Once I went plastic frame, every pair has had them

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Week in the Life Prepping!


Tomorrow starts Week in the Life, and oh god, I love doing this each year. I’m not sure how (or if) I’ll scrap it, but I’ll be blogging it, that’s for sure! 😀

We’ll be seeing how my eyes do with contacts, as tomorrow I’ll be going 12 hours with them, and then 14 (a max of 16). I work Monday and then Wednesday through Sunday, so not as many pictures during that time, but I’ll be sneaking some if I can 😉 Maybe some elevator selfies or something. 😀

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Life …

Contacts are driving one particular eye crazy. I looked at closely as I could but I didn’t seen any rips or anything on them. I’m wondering if it’s my eye. I see a small, what looks like, a small scratch on the outside of my lid where it’s a little puffy :'(



I Got a New Face


I went from this …

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Make Me Up Monday


I’ve been wearing make-up more frequently. Not a huge amount, but enough. I need more practice because I won’t be able to hide my errors anymore, once I start wearing contacts.

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