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A Christmas Gift

Madison is needing a new CD player for her room. Her brother screwed hers up. Since he’s most likely going to do it again, we don’t want to spend too much on it, :lol:.

Since she’s getting LuLu, Ethan is getting Optimus Prime (with Camshaft), Jetfire (combines with OP) and Jolt.

Well, I want something girly for her. Josh isn’t too sure about it.
Sony ZS-E5 CD Walkman in Pink

I think that’s pretty appropriate for her, right? I’m trying to stay away from the themed stuff. We’re planning on finally purchasing her a twin bed (she still weighs the size of a 4 year old, so there’s no huge rush), and we’re not sure what bedding theme she’ll choose. Pink will work because of her TV and stuff, so no major clash, but I don’t want to get her a Tinkerbell one if she chooses Hannah Montana.

And speaking of shopping, I had a crazy dream last night: I dreamt that I’d gotten my current obsession phone, :lol:. So, yeah, that’s definitely the phone I need to get. I woke up this morning sad because I still had the Blackjack 😆

101 Things – Part 08

29. I watch way too much Disney Channel
XD. I watch it with Madi, *not*

30. I’m obsessed with “XD”
I use it WAY too much, :lol:.

31. My hubby works for the post office
He started June 27, 2007, and I love the hours. He’s ALWAYS home by SEVEN!! *dances* Walmart never had that guarantee. Heck, if he works after 6pm, he gets extra money 🙂

32. I’m a girly geek
That’s what Josh calls me, :lol:. I’m extremely girly, but I’m also geeky, XD

I so tired

*giggles* That’s how Madi says it. I’m literally wiped, but I got 90% of Julie’s bridal shower stuff today. It’s all so cute and girly (just what she wanted, XD). It’s gonna be fun!!

I hate the 4th. I honestly hate it. I love what it stands for, but I fucking HATE fireworks. Okay, I love fireworks, I hate idiots with fireworks. It’s 10pm. That means STOP THE FIREWORKS. Do the fuckers in this complex (or anywhere) understand that? No, because 90% of them take the week of the 4th off, and forget other people have to work *grumble*



New stuff

Hee hee. I went and got girly today. I got fake nails (bitch to type with, :clap:), new undies, a corset (so sexy), and we all had lunch with Josh (kids, me, and Julie).
Pictures 😉 Continue reading

Waiting in the wings

I’ve got a theme “waiting in the wings”. It’s the “Eye of the Beholder” from Themes ‘n Dreams. I like the theme. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous 🙂

Yesterday, after Josh got home, I had a complete and total meltdown. Not pretty. Not fun. That’s the main reason I’m looking into switching pills. I hate being mental!

No plans for Valentine’s Day. I think Josh is picking up a dvd player, though. Ours is officially on it’s last leg (the one in our room). 🙁