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Madison Went to Wichita

She took the videos. I just combined them 😀
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Day 17, Saturday: A day in the life

I truly love these sorts of challenges and days. I don’t know. I guess I don’t appreciate all the things that happen in the day! I missed some prime picture moments (like the sunset, my husband coming home (or being home)) but I’m not worried about it! I got some great ones, including my son actually posing for a few! That was precious in and of itself!

#10am I am just waking up. No sleep or little sleep for the month is catching up with me #dayinthelife #blogeverydayinmay
The day started sort of late. I took a sleep-aid because ugh, SO MUCH PAIN in my head and body from being stressed to the max by my neighbors. So, I woke up long enough this morning to say goodbye to my husband. Around 9am, a diesel truck started up, which jolted me awake. I wasn’t ready to fully wake up, so I hung out with Kendall the Kindle and read Open-mouthed smile  Continue reading


NSD: Post 01

I’m taking part in the 10K layouts on Instagram thing, so there will be several posts throughout the weekend. Or something.

A few won’t be shown on the blog, because they’ll be shown LATER because they’re NEW RELEASES but that’s okay!


Picture is of Josh and his dad at his dad’s on Easter. The line of journaling reads “The guys on Easter Sunday. Can’t tell they’re related at all.”

Kit: Boho Chic by the GS Designers, available for FREE when you spend $20 during iNSD!
Template: From the Top by LissyKay Designs

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Busy, Busy Bee

Today is going to be very insanely busy for me, and I’m not even leaving my apartment! Heck, I probably won’t be doing a lot of leaving this spot on the couch! Lots to do, and most of it is all computer-related work!

  • Write the newsletter
  • Clean the bedroom (mine)
  • Do the dishes
  • Designer buffet video cover
  • Designer buffet newsletter image
  • CT video cover
  • CT newsletter image
  • Designer video
  • CT video
  • Monthly mix newsletter image
  • Start rice krispies for Madi’s Girl Scouts meeting on Saturday (I have a field trip on Friday)
  • Make lunches for Field Trip (that I just mentioned … going to the State House)
  • Buffet newsletter button
  • List of MM pieces
  • Tags/Keywords for Monthly Mix
  • Week 04 layout for Project: Life
  • Buffet LOs
  • Inspired Designs buffet LO
  • Finish comment requirements for CT duties
  • Start writing the monthly newsletter, since I have a field trip tomorrow!

Anyone want to help out? I’m SO going to be jam-packed BUSY AS HELL!

Project Life: Week 02


I’m on time again for the weekly layouts! Even if I didn’t take a bunch of pictures (migraines and things REALLY ruin things! 🙁

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