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Gift Idea of the Day: December 02

Today’s gift idea is robes. We plan on getting my daughter a plush warm bathrobe for Christmas. We plan on getting her matching slippers and all that good stuff. Walmart had a Tinkerbell set that included a two-piece fleece pj set and matching light-up robe. We got Madi that, and Ethan the Transformers set that’s not even listed online 🙂

I know it sounds weird, but you can’t go wrong with a robe. You can always find someone who wants or needs a robe. Or even one who doesn’t even realize that they’d like one, :lol:.

Gift Idea of the Day – December 01

I think I’ll try and do this every day, since it’s the Christmas time. If you have any suggestions for good gifts, just holler 🙂

Gift Idea of the Day – December 01:
My parents want this for Christmas. I asked my mom, “What do you want for Christmas” and she, without having to think about it, said “I want Mario Kart for the Wii” Easy, peasy, right?

It’s a great game. I currently own it for the Wii and for the Nintendo DS. I love both versions 🙂

It’s a really good game for kids, as well. My kids play it whenever we let them. My daughter, who’s five, has the time of her life, and is actually getting pretty good. My son, who’s almost 4, loves just driving around in circles, :lol:.

With the Wii, you can also, if you have your Wii online, play against others online. You can play “regionally” or world-wide. Or, if you prefer, you can set up a room so that you can play with just a few select friends. 🙂 We’ve done all those.

What video game do you want this holiday season?

Gift Ideas 07

Maybe I should stop calling them by days, and do them by numbers, XD, that way, as long as I have the correct amount, I’m fine (or can have more or less, without looking weird).

Anyways, this is for the mature group. This gift idea is for women and their significant others. Okay, if a guy likes to dress in sexy lingerie, that’s perfectly and totally okay with me, :lol:. I’m just mainly tossing it out for those that are female. Then again, GUYS, check it out for ideas for your female (or male-cross-dressing) significant others.
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Gift Ideas 03

There are so many different people that today’s gift would be perfect for. Today’s gift idea is a digital camera.

I absolutely adore my camera. I just wish that I had one that was indestructible, LOL, considering I’ll be going on my third, if we can ever get another. A digital picture frame is also a good idea. I think something like that would be a good idea for Mark. Then he could have scrolling pictures of the family, show them off, without having to turn on his computer. Considering it’s a dinosaur, that would be for the best, LOL.

I found one that would be really good for my parents, too: Digital Spectrum Solutions 5.6in Photo/MP3/Video Picture Frame. The frame is awesome. We could customize it with a bunch of pictures of the kids, and then add an MP3 of them singing or something (they love to sing). Awesome gift for grandparents, I would think.

And, wow, totally went off the topic of digital cameras, didn’t I?

Okay, my dream camera would be Canon PowerShot A570IS 7.1MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom. Josh and I have done our research, and we think that would give us the biggest bang for our buck. We don’t want something super little, nor something really confusing. If we want that, we can just use his digital camcorder, and we’ll be okay. We need something that’s good for taking basic shots of the kids, but also ones for when we go on vacations and get a chance to get some really good shots.

Remember, also, when you’re looking for a new digital camera, take into account accessories you already have for your old one. If you can find one that utilizes the most of those current accessories, you’ll save yourself a lot of money in the long run. It’s the best of both worlds with that.

Gift Ideas 02

Well, I missed yesterday’s gift, because I just couldn’t think, with worry. Today, though, different story. Josh is safe (he’s doing Sunday runs, but he’s almost done), and that’s all that matters.

Speaking of Josh, today’s gift idea is perfect for the guy who seems to have it all, but needs something to keep him entertained, but won’t get him in trouble, when he’s on the clock.

Josh is a mail carrier, and they’re allowed to have MP3 players, because, as you know, walking alone all day can get pretty boring. He’s got a version of an MP3 player on his cellphone, but I would like to get him something bigger.

That’s where the Zune comes in handy. He and I both want one, but I’d like him to have a large sized one (meaning memory, not actual size). That way it makes it a bit harder for him to get bored with the music, and leaves him plenty of room to fill it up with songs and CDs that he enjoys.

There are also plenty of accessories to go with it, so that he can be able to easily hook it up in the van while he’s delivering mail, into a vehicle, whether it be the truck (if they decide to just have it fixed), or the new vehicle (if they total it), or the Corolla. Easy as pie. Also, if we both end up with Zune’s, we can share music with each other, easily.