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Sleeping Better


Sleep has always been something I struggle with. I’m just not good at it.

But, it’s getting better. Slowly, but surely. I still have bad days, but my body is doing better at it’s job!

I just wish FitBit would STOP switching between this view and the other view when it comes to things!

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3 September, 2017 · 10:07 pm


I need to brew some coffee. Some @NewhallCoffee. Who’s with me? Who needs a nap?
Or at least a good cure for dark eye circles?

I cannot stop yawning. I slept great last night. So why am I so tired?

Something is seriously up with either my sleep or my bed!

Must stop the yawning. Good lord!

Anyone else dealing with the BS that is this lack of sleep? Anyone have any suggestions on getting some sleep?

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