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Sims 3: Genetics Challenge


There’s a challenge for the Sims 3 about Perfect Genetics. This is my founder, Kylie.
With the rules, I only ignored one: Dislikes Children. Instead, I just won’t have a “Family Oriented” 😀
That’s the nice thing about challenges. I can edit them the way I want. The full rules will be linked here.

Josh suggested her hair color. He said “Pink Lemonade” and since I already had planned on making her a singer, that’s also her stage name. I ? her hair! It’s a hair style I rarely use, and I’m glad I decided to!

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15 June, 2014 · 9:04 pm

Played Some Sims 3

So, I played some Sims 3. I’m playing in the Aluna Island world, created by the Sim Supply. The world he’s created is amazing! I can’t get enough of it!

So, my Sim is a fairy named “Sunny Clay”. TOTALLY her randomized name, I swear! I had to keep it! I don’t have any actual pictures of her (bad, I know, but she’s SUPER cute!) but I can share pictures of her house, that I designed 😀 I spent WAY too much time working on it! TWO DAYS for a total of like SIX HOURS! :O INSANE!

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23 March, 2014 · 10:55 pm

I don’t even know


SIMCITY (Photo credit: RaneHwa)

Ugh, I spent all day trying to get into Sim City, and that was just a bunch of failure. All of it just … ugh.

I love the game play, but the server requirement is really making it suck. Servers don’t work, you can’t play.

It’s one of the aspects of the game that I just do not enjoy. I love the ability to have neighbors, real people neighbors, but you know what? I also like the idea of a solo game, where it’s just me and my thoughts. My ideas. My games. My cities.

I am apparently not the only one either, whihc makes me feel a little better about it all.

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151/366 [2012] – Scary Coincidence

I randomized the name on a Sim and ended up with one scarily close to my own. Change the “A” to an “E” and you officially have my name.
Well, Middle & Last.

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February Photo a Day–Day 11–Makes Me Happy


Today was Girl Scouts Saturday Open-mouthed smile

We all had fun, I think Open-mouthed smile

This is the girls playing Heads Up Seven Up. Getting the rules and things from Becky, our troop leader Open-mouthed smileG

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