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Yes, It’s August

NaNo is a chance to get that story that’s in your head, the one you constantly dream about, into words. It’s that chance where you get to meet and hang out with people who are just as insane as you are.

It’s more than just writing. You’re challenging yourself. You’re pushing yourself. Just when you think “Ahh, got my words,” a new day has sprung and you have to write 1667 more. It’s a never-ending cycle that while you don’t get a huge prize or rounds of applause, you finish with this feeling of self-satisfaction that you can’t deny.

In short, NaNo is the best gift, FOR FREE, that you can give to yourself. Family, friends, and social life be damned.

I wrote that today, about NaNo. Explaining why it’s SO worth the time, the effort, the frustration, the heart ache.
You get paid in triplicates with the positives.
I love it!
I love being a part of it.

You should try it out. Check it out. Do it!

Still Not A Word :(

I still haven’t written another word. Ugh!! I’m more blocked than I have been during my first tries at NaNo. What the heck is wrong with me 🙁

Some More Questions

Why Gone with the Wind?
I love the Civil War time period, and romance, so this was right up my alley 🙂
I watched it on TV first, and I then checked out the book, and I’ve been hooked since. I was about 13 or so at the time.

Why Mamma Mia?
Sex and the City was no longer showing 😉
That’s actually the reason we saw it. As for getting so hooked? I guess I’m a closet ABBA fan, 😆

Why plurk?
Because I’ve made some really great friends there.

Why blog?
Because it’s a great outlet for getting out frustrations.

Why reread a book?
cheap and easy entertainment. Plus, you catch stuff you missed on the first read 🙂

Why did you stop writing?
I got sick. After that, the desire to finish just kind of died with it, I guess.

Why an iud?
Last for five years, and low hormones, so it helps balance those out without killing everything. Each month was killer on me, and not in a good way, courtesy of anemia. The IUD killed the period.

Why water shots?
I blame Lotus, and her tutorials on taking good shots of falling water 🙂

Thirteen Things To Blog About

Each week, I’ll do a different theme with Thursday Thirteen, just for this blog. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section 🙂

This week’s theme is 13 ideas for things to blog about 🙂
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