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March is Nearly Over

Weekly Kickstart by Inkwell Press. Stickers are from Me and My Big Ideas.

Life is going to be slower this week. After the insanity that was last week, I need that break!

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26 March, 2017 · 10:50 pm

Goal Met!

goal almost metOne thing I love about FitBit is that is tells you when you’re getting close to reaching your goal. It’s so satisfying to see that! And you’re like “Oh, I got this” 😀 Continue reading

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Work-Out Completed


That’s my schedule Smile I’m proud of myself! I’ve completed almost a whole week. For me? That’s a big thing. I also haven’t killed myself by overdoing it. Yeah, I’ve done a couple double work-outs, but I didn’t go too crazy with it.

I’ve learned my lessons with that!

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All Set … Almost Ready to Go

Well, I’d planned to start From Couch to 5K last week, a week earlier than originally planned, but weather dictated a different approach. We hit triple digits SIX DAYS in a row. SIX! Some days, the only reason we didn’t break records was because of the Dust Bowl in 1912 (or something like that).

So, to prep, I started looking at headphone reviews, and similar things, for my cellphone and for my mp3 player. My friend, Kori, hooked me up with some GOOD ones from Panasonic, and I got some off-brand, but with raving reviews, for my cell. I also got the arm band, as well. I’ve got my stopwatch, which is also a pedometer (and it really does measure running steps), heart rate monitor, and all that in one! Only downfall to it is that it doesn’t connect to the computer. Oh well on that.

The only big thing I truly regret is that I won’t be able to run while carrying my Kindle, 😆 Oh well.

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In a little more than a month …

I start From Couch to 5K. Josh is totally on board with it. I’ll be doing it around the complex, to start, since it’ll only be for fifteen to twenty minutes to start. I’m excited. No more even thinking of checking out products like Lipovox. What’s the point of trying to “game” the system by using products that I don’t really need?

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