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The Race Continues

MORE ADSR layouts

A Day Alone. I sit and I read. Either an actual book, or on my Kindle

Element and Paper: Flower Buffet from Gingerscraps
Recipe Three (This is a White Space Page)
Background Paper
One Photo
Small Amount of Journaling
One Element of your choice (can be any element)

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I did a Hybrid!

Madison starts school on the 17th. I was so seriously bummed that this year she didn’t need a binder, because I love designing layout covers for them for her. Well, Ramona, at Brownie Scraps, came up with a great hybrid project that would work better: A Covered Composition Notebook. I used a “primary” journal for Madi, which is designed for her age. I created three for her!

Kits: From A-Z by Snuggle Berry Pie Designs {Notebook #1}
Back to School and Grins and Giggles by Ramona the Pest {Notebook #2}
Every Day, Happyness, and Shoot for the Moon by Designs by Jen Yurko

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What a Busy Week

Time to review what has happened this past week!! The week spans July 30th to August 5th, aka today. I know today’s not finished, but hey, I can still do a review!!

211/365 - Clouds Roll In

Friday, July 30: We were under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9pm, and basing on the humidity and clouds, I’m not surprised. I couldn’t get the shots that I really wanted because the buildings are constantly in the way. 🙁
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Humidity is KILLER

Ugh! We’re having dew points in the mid-70s, which means seriously muggy temps here. Its even WORSE after it rains. My body so doesn’t like it. My joints all ache. 🙁 Heck, I can’t even sit at the computer for long before my shoulder, which got screwed up from 6 hours with no break working at Walmart, starts to burn, literally. It feels like its on fire under the skin, around the shoulder blade. Ouch and ugh!

But I have gotten some scrap pages done!

Background: Felt Flowers
Flowers: You’ve Got a Friend in Me
DOTW and date tags: Everyday Bliss
Love and Heart Ribbon Frame: Everyday Bliss: February
rainbow swirl and bear: Snuggle Rainbow
Sequin Flower: A New Love
Special Moments square: Everyday Moments

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Layouts! – and some actual blogging

Okay, yesterday I didn’t scrap *at* all. I actually usually don’t on Sundays. That’s the one day off that my husband is guaranteed {he’s a mail carrier}. That means he usually takes over the tower, which is seriously FAST and reliable. I have the laptop, but I can’t exactly multi-task with it, 😉 So, since I have the computer most of the time, I have no problem sharing the computer with him though. He works hard every day, 😆 But yesterday, ugh, I wouldn’t have wanted the computer anyway. I had the laptop on for about 15 minutes after we spent a few hours in town {with 100F and higher heat indexes}, and I was DONE looking at it, 😆 I was exhausted, in pain, and just felt like poopy. Happens way too often it seems 🙁 I gotta start eating more regularly, and more healthily. I guess it’s a good thing that when the kids start school, I’ll be starting From Couch to 5K. First week is 15-20 minutes outside, 😆 I think I can handle that! Even got a few new work-out related clothes for it {a good jog bra, and some running shorts, C9 by Champion through Target}. Seriously comfy! I had a coupon for $3 off, so I got the bra for $13.99. I wasn’t going to get the shorts, but Josh got them off the rack for me and put them in the cart. I wasn’t going to argue! I needed more shorts anyway! Plus, they’re only $9.99. That’s cheaper than all my jean shorts, 😆

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