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Quick Update

Things are going okay here. Kids don’t have school for the rest of the school year. At least not in-school school. The district is working on the online aspect. This is good, because if they can figure this out now, they’ll be able to figure it out later when it comes to snow days. Then they won’t have to add extra days anymore. Maybe?

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Haiku Friday – Fridge Friday – April 04

There’s a youngish mom
Looking tired and exhausted
Needs more sleep, says she

Dealing with two kids
Can be rewarding but why
Must they wake early?

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Haiku’d the Fridge – March 07, 2008

Today is that day
Pictures of the fridge and friends
Embarrassment had

Pictures of a mess
Shots look taken at random
Confusing sentences

Time is to begin
Funny pictures to be shown
But not all are laughs

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10 Down…

14 to go.


And, I’m exhausted, XD. Didn’t sleep well last night, and the kids have been pains. I’m so tired, I was putting spices in the fridge and thinking I’d put the butter in without a lid.

Wake me up, please, :lol:.

Thankfully, dinner is done. God bless Ziploc’s steam bags. We’re having Tilapia, broccoli, and potatoes. *nummy* Oh, and pudding for dessert. Kids can have vanilla or chocolate, and Josh and I get Oreo, :lol:.

I’m an Embarrassment

Yeah, that’s me. No, it’s not in a bad way. Basically, I’ve got a habit of putting my foot in my mouth, or sounding extremely dorky, XD.
I’m proud of my dorkiness, but even the kids join Josh in the shaking of heads, sometimes.
An example:
We’re walking through Walmart. We pass the New Music display, and I see the new video by Kimberly Locke. I said “Hey, that’s the video she was doing during Celebrity Fit Club”. Josh goes, “Yes it is” like I’m a moron, XD. I got a few giggles from Frances and Amber, but man, I did embarrass myself there a bit. Hey, at least it wasn’t for letting one rip or something, XD.

Oh, another way I embarrass myself: to cheer myself up over the fact that Mark and Julie are leaving us *sniffle* I downloaded 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys, Savage Garden, and N’SYNC, XD. Pathetic right?

Just remember, never shop with me if there’s computer programs or components available. Yeah, I literally start to drool. Lately, though, it’s been at certain vehicles (ones we’re looking at), and household appliances (fridge, stove, washer/dryer, etc). How pathetic is that?

Speaking of cars, Josh and I both are going nuts for the Toyota 4Runner. Kana, a friend of ours from Hawaii that we met in Florida, and his then girlfriend had one, and DAMN, that thing was COMFY, and fit two large dogs in the back with plenty of room, so definitely enough room for us. XD Even brand new, the price is something we could live with. Josh like the engine: 4.0-Liter V6. I liked it because it was a perfect size, and is pretty freaking close to what I want in an SUV for the price we’re willing to pay 🙂