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Catching Up on Scrapbooking

Templates by Sabee’s Creative World
Kits: 35 mm by Pretty in Green & Wendy Tunison … Project 2013 April by Connie Prince

Kit: Fresh Air Monthly Mix

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The Smell is Grossing Me Out

I am truly becoming grossed-out at the stagnant smell of cigarettes. We are really the ONLY ones in this building who don’t smoke.

Yes, I’ve complained about the smell before, but today it’s truly bad. Below us isn’t home, as far as I can tell (their vehicles are gone) but the apartment REEKS so badly. I don’t think they have their windows open, and are running their A/C or something. We have windows open, but I didn’t have any fans on. The smell is awful in the bedroom.

The internet needs smell-o-vision, and then you’d understand. It’s just gross. Absolutely gross!

But for something NOT so gross:


Kit, for both: Fresh Baked by the GS Designers
Template, for calendar: 2012 All On 1 Page Calendar by Creations by Julie

Enjoying the Weather

208/365 - Float On By

So, if the kids weren’t outside, and maybe we had our own place, I’d be reclining on some patio cushions, and soaking up the fresh air.

Instead, I’m inside, sitting on couch cushions, soaking up the fresh air. Oh well, that works as well. I’m just SO loving these temperatures.

I’m also loving that, so far (*knock on wood*), the kids have been good at school. They also haven’t had any homework, which, since I have a second grader, scares me. Its gonna pile on later, I bet.